This is the first post I’ve done since traveling to southeast Kentucky for a mission trip. I am responsible for the team’s blog and it has been my priority this week, but I stayed up late last night to prep this post for my personal blog. After all, I really appreciate all of my blog readers and don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about you!

If you’d like to read the mission team’s blog, please click HERE.

The mission trip is going very well and the team is fantastic. We have laughed so much, a few of us have begun to “snort” and that cracks us up even more! It’s quite the family-affair as several families are represented, including my Mom. This is her first mission trip. It is also the first mission experience for several others, and it has been wonderful to witness their enjoyment to this new experience.

As the official team blogger, I’m trying to stay BEHIND the camera as much as possible – Lord knows that’s best for us all!!!! – and capture as many special moments as possible, but somehow photographs of me keep appearing. Teammates of mine must keep a small camera hidden in their pockets!!!

Speaking of cameras, we’ve taken a few shots using a tripod and the self-timer setting. It’s been hilarious to look at the pictures where we are talking, looking in the wrong direction, or pointing at the camera. After a few “practice runs,” though, we finally figured out my camera flashes an orange light before taking three pictures. The last one usually ends up being a crazy-funny-silly one. Can you tell we’re having a blast?!?!?!

The work we are doing includes the construction of a covered porch and installing vinyl skirting around the perimeter of our client’s home. She’s been so gracious and we are all beginning to develop a relationship with Ms. Hester. Her sister is also visiting this week. They both have several dogs and one just happened to be-friend me …… it’s quite an ugly dog, but a friendly one. I think its (his? her?) name is Sweetie. I’m guessing it’s a girl, but I haven’t checked the undercarriage.

Two years ago, I learned to use power tools on a mission trip to Oklahoma City. Last summer, I spent 10 days in Haiti using a pick-axe and my hands to clear rocks, dirt, and debris and dig a trench. This week, I’ve learned how to install new vinyl skirting. My list of qualifications is expanding!

We have a full day ahead of us. My personal goal is to finish installing the new vinyl skirting along the east and north sides of the house. There are two large obstructions that we must work around, but I know we can do it. The ones working on the covered porch are rockin’-and-a-rollin’ and will begin work on the roof. We’re eating lunch at the site so we’ll be able to work a bit longer.

We’re going to church tonight and, afterwards we’ve been invited to a peanut butter and chocolate egg decorating extravaganza …….. I promise to take pictures and let you know all the details. It sounds delicious and yummy and not-so-dairy-friendly!!!!

Thank you for being patient with me as I dedicate a week to the people of Frakes, Kentucky and this mission team. The wireless Internet access is a bit different than I thought, but I appreciate your understanding and patience. Your thoughts and comments on this blog – and especially the team blog – are so meaningful and appreciated. Every morning during breakfast, and each night after supper, we sit down and I read all the comments and messages aloud to the team. We are all so thankful for the generous support from our family and friends ….. wherever you are!