Whoa, we’re just 3 days away from what the Mayans think will be the end of whatever they thought would end on 12/21/12. I’m still confused about the whole theory, but let’s get to know each other before Doomsday strikes!


Christmas, most specifically Advent, is my favorite time of year. I didn’t understand Advent until a few years ago, but it instantly changed my perspective on Christmas. Advent is the season of expectation and anticipation for the celebration of Jesus’s birth, completely opposite of the commercialized retail frenzy.


Since my birthday is a week before Christmas, my gifts have always been pretty spectacular. For several years, Mom and I spent a week at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Another year, Santa surprised me with a custom set of golf clubs.


Spirit of Christmas by Ray Charles
(also featured on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)

Honorable Mentions
Little Drummer Boy | Faith Hill
Where Are You Christmas? | Faith Hill


Totally random but a Le Creuset Deep Dish Loaf Pan. Husband has offered to buy me an entire cookware and bake set – he’s so generous – but I don’t want to seem excessive. I’ll keep looking for a good sale and then try my hands at making homemade honey wheat bread.



Growing up, my Mom and I “adopted” an angel from the Angel Tree at church. Then, we’d go shopping together to pick out clothes, books, toys, etc. according to their wish lists. Now, Husband and I continue this tradition instead of buying gifts for ourselves.

Whether I am in Texas or Kentucky, I always go to Candlelight Service at midnight on Christmas Eve. Sitting in a sanctuary filled with flickering candles and sing “O Holy Night” feels like Christmas, like I am truly experiencing the anticipated birth of my Savior.


WRAPPING PAPER!!!!!!! I love the different patterns and designs. Years ago, friends asked me to wrap their children’s gifts. They’d stack everything according to child (usually labeled with a Post-It note!) and I’d sneak upstairs into a room with rolls of paper, Scotch tape, scissors, curling ribbon, and name labels. It was bliss.