Last Sunday, I was approached by a parent in a desperate situation. His daughter, plus five of her friends, scheduled a photo shoot together but the photographer cancelled. They needed somebody with a camera.

I said yes (because that’s what people who can’t say no do) and agreed to take pictures. I called a friend who’s a professional photographer and she gave me suggestions and encouraged me to have fun. Thanks to another lovely lady, I borrowed her Nikon D5000 (like mine) with a super-duper-fantastic 50mm lens.

Dear Santa, please bring me a 50mm lens. I’ll leave your favorite kind of cookies *AND* cupcakes out Christmas Eve! =)

Here are a few of my favorites from the photo shoot at the Fort Worth Stockyards:








Considering this was my first “real” photo shoot, I’m pleased. I learned valuable lessons and gained a lot of confidence. For one, I must check my camera’s settings more often. There was an incredible shot of the girls’ boots, but my ISO was too high. The sun was bright and the photo was washed-out and overexposed. Bummer.

The best thing for me to do now is practice, practice, PRACTICE!

J, S, A, J, E, and M … you are each beautiful and wonderful. Thank you for inviting me to take your pictures. Let’s do this again – SOON!