Welcome to another “It’s OK / Thankful Thursday,” hosted by Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup … don’t you LOVE her blog’s name?!

Its Ok Thursdays

to be disappointed ~ GREATLY ~ by the movie, Magic Mike

to spend the Fourth of July at home with Husband, watching The History Channel’s “American Revolution”

to sprinkle black pepper on cantaloupe

to drink an entire bottle of Cupcake Moscato …… in a Dixie cup

to shed a tear or two (or fifty) while watching fireworks

to miss my friends and family in Kentucky like crazyyyyyyyyyyyy

America’s independence and my freedoms

our recent trip to Washington, D.C. and my new perspective on so many things

my Rev.L (she’s awesome, I love her much-ly)

the cooler weather and occasional rain, it hasn’t been as hot this summer as years past

AT&T reimbursing us for the disruption in our Internet service (a credit of $15.76 will be applied to our next month’s bill – I feel like I conquered the world)