I cannot keep secrets. I have to spill the beans.

In 2013, I’m going to the Holy Land.

Not only will I be getting more stamps in my passport book, but I will set foot on another continent. I will fly across the Atlantic Ocean. EEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just a tad-bit excited about this trip. Can’t you tell?! Unfortunately, there’s a bit of time between now and January 30, 2013.

Photo courtesy of BijoySamuel

Photo by RobHartley

Here’s a tentative schedule of what I will see and do in Israel:

The City of Bethlehem and the Nativity Church

Jesus’s baptismal site in the Jordan River

Visit Jericho, the world’s oldest city.

Swim Float in the Dead Sea

Pray at The Wailing Wall

Sail on the Sea of Galilee

Stand where Jesus read the Sermon on the Mount

Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane

Walk the Ruins of Capernaum

Journey along the Via Dolorosa

Celebrate the Sacrament of Communion at the Garden Tomb

I cannot even put my excitement into words. I’ve been wanting to go to Israel and the Holy Land for many years, but the opportunity was not available or the time wasn’t right.
I’m going with several people from my church and we have the best leader ever. I wouldn’t want to go to Israel without her (shout out to the Rev.L and an early birthday wish for her).

Come with me to Israel! Join me on this trip of a lifetime!

If you are interested in going, send me a message at nicole.m.hutchison (at) gmail.com. We’re traveling with Educational Opportunities and the professionally-guided trip costs less than $2,500. The all-inclusive trip includes international airfare, guided sightseeing, lecture series, deluxe motor coaches, and entrance fees into attractions.

Did I say I was just a wee-bit excited?

I’m. Really. Excited.

And so blessed!!!!!!!