If it weren’t for my glasses and contacts, I’d be blind as a bat.

I’m near-sighted, which means, without corrective lenses, I cannot clearly see subjects in the distance.

I got my first set of glasses in the 6th grade. My teacher, Mrs. Mabry, told my mother that I was squinting a lot during class and my Q&A participation had taken a nose-dive. Basically, I couldn’t see the material on the board and was too embarrassed to say anything. Without hesitation, Mrs. Mabry (bless her sweet heart, love this woman dearly!) took serious my changed behavior. She knew there had to be good reason that Social Sally was all of a sudden quiet in her classroom!!!!! A few years later, along with a “lovely” set of metal braces on my teeth, I began wearing contact lenses.

I am the world’s worst at remembering to remove my contacts on a regular (daily) basis. Honestly, I forget about them. I don’t feel them, I don’t notice them, and they don’t bother me whatsoever. I’m also a cheap skate ….. manufacturers want you to THINK disposable contacts last 2-3 weeks. I’m here to tell you that’s a big fat lie and money down the drain. I purchased ONE box of disposable lenses (12 pairs, I think?) THREE years ago.

I know, shame on me. I visit the eye doctor for my routine exam and he/she always performs tests for glaucoma and macular degeneration, both are in my family’s history. In the past three years, there’s been no significant change in my prescription, so there’s been no need to purchase more contacts. Until now.

In honor of National Eye Care Month ……. and because I’m out of contacts ……. I went to the doctor today.

Mark this off the to-do list now.