It’s been a while since I’ve celebrated National Handwriting Day so I thought what better way than by sharing my first entry in Kamden’s Legacy Bible!

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I didn’t give much thought to where I would start writing in this Bible until I opened a package of prayer cards from The Daily Grace Company and the first passage was 1 Samuel 1:27-28. Hannah is one of my Bible mom-mentors and it is her strength and vulnerability that I hope grows in my own life and faith journey.

Kamden, my sweet boy, I have been praying for you … long before you were conceived and surprised us with your presence!

Now, as a mama (your Mama!), I pray every day to have a heart like Hannah’s. For many years she could not get pregnant … until one day she made a vow to God, and He answered her prayers.

But Hannah’s story doesn’t end there — she kept her promise and dedicated her son, Samuel, back to God.

When you read this story, Kamden, take note of Hannah’s heart posture. She could have been angry and bitter for the countless unanswered prayers, but she wasn’t. Hannah prayed with gusto! She was honest with God. When you pray, be real. The good, the bad, and the ugly. God wants you to bring ALL of it to Him. And when you do, I hope you experience what Hannah did:

  • • BELIEVE IN GOD’S POWER – approach God with humble reverence knowing He is who he says he is!
  • • TRUST GOD’S GOODNESS – like Hannah, I offered you to God because you were already His before the world existed and I know His ways are better than I can even imagine!
  • • REST IN GOD’S PRESENCE – your heart will ache with sorrow, fear, and disappointment, but you’ll also experience joy and contentment. Whatever “season” you find yourself in, begin and end every day in prayer. God wants you to rest in Him!

Since this is Kamden’s Legacy Bible, I want to be intentional not only with letters to encourage his faith development and contextual study notes, but a physical growth chart too … which is why I included his handprint inside of mine. At five years old, his hand is nearly as big as mine!

Even though I use a color coding system in my own Bible, I don’t plan to use the same method in Kamden’s. It could be too confusing and distracting for him and the purpose of the Bible is to capture this Mama’s hope for her son to love Jesus more than anything. The verses highlighted in green greatly influenced my letter to Kamden but also track Hannah’s personal journey from heartache to celebration. When Kamden prays, I hope he remembers these four words:

And the Lord remembered…

In addition to discerning God’s voice as I write letters to Kamden, this is as integral to my faith journey as it is his. I am vowing to myself NOT to be critical or fall into the trap of comparing my entries with others. This Bible is for Kamden, period.