Today, we’re supposed to experience a ‘heat wave’ with temperatures in the mid-60s. So, to remember days (last week) gone past, I thought I’d share pics from Kamden’s first steps in the snow.

Unfortunately, going outside in the frozen tundra (dramatically speaking) meant dressing him like a homeless little red riding hood. Because we live in North Texas, we don’t see frozen white stuff very often and when it does happen, it doesn’t stick around too long, and we don’t own a lot of winter weather gear either. For all that Kamden has, he lacks a heavy coat, scarf, and pair of gloves. But, we made due with what we had available: plenty of shirts to layer, an oversized sweater, socks as hand mitts, and a kitchen towel for a scarf. Besides, we weren’t outside but just a few minutes – long enough for me to snap these few pictures!










The bits of snow in his hair … be still my beating heart! Kamden and I are going to enjoy the mild (though rainy) temps today before another round of wintry mix makes it way through North Texas for the remainder of the week. By the weekend, though, it’s supposed to be sunny and 50. Most folks laugh, but the saying is true – “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes!”

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods today?