Five Favorite Finds

I didn’t have a blog post previously prepared, but I’ve been collecting these links for a couple of days and thought I’d share them with you. Here are five things happening right now:

1. H&M … when did this retailer exist online? I thought H&M was a brick-and-mortar store located in fancy-schmancy cities for fancy-schmancy customers. I was wrong! I also didn’t realize they had clothes and accessories for babies and kids. I’m in love with these side-snap bodysuits.


And this hooded jumpsuit. If it’s really feeling like winter in December, this might be a coming-home-from-the-hospital ensemble for Baby K.


2. Trunk-or-Treat Costume … I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since I was a kid, but I’m thinking of breaking tradition and utilizing my prego-belly for the cause. In the past, I’ve looked more like a hobo than the Cupcake Lady when dressed in jeans and a hoodie at my church’s Trunk-or-Treat while handing out freshly-baked cupcakes. How can I make THIS happen by October 31?


3. Fashion-minded readers … can I transition this dress into fall? If the answer is yes, how would I do that? I’d like to wear it to my baby shower next weekend but it’s much cooler than I anticipated. Also, mine is coral and not teal. And I’m not tan like the model pictured. And I don’t have heels either. There, I just made things more complicated. You’re welcome.


4. Wasabi’s at Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN … Before Mom dropped me off at the airport, we stopped here for lunch and enjoyed walking around the opulent hotel. (Note: It’s even more beautiful at Christmas.) Wasabi’s is located inside the Cascades Atrium overlooking waterfalls and koi ponds. Since we were both hungry, we shared four rolls: California, Crazy “Ari”, Snake (minus the cream cheese), and Tempura Shrimp. Every bite was more delicious than the last *AND* Mom tried BBQ’d eel for the first time and liked it. I’ve been to some great sushi restaurants and this was one of the best meals I’ve eaten, not to mention the excellent service and atmosphere. For a peak at their menu, click HERE.

5. Pumpkin Decor … I don’t know if this qualifies as nesting or not, but I want to decorate with pumpkins. It might have something to do with family coming to visit next weekend for baby shower #3. Or that the church has its own Pumpkin Patch and supplies are readily available, plus proceeds benefit local ministry projects. I’m thinking of spelling out our last name with mini pumpkins (similar to this) on the mantel and carving a larger pumpkin into a flower vase (like this) for the dining table. Or, instead of making a mess trying to carve a pumpkin, I’ll paint it like this.


5.1 Window Treatments (gone awry) … I was feeling extra energetic the other day and decided to get a head start on the curtain-hanging project. I found this guide to hanging draperies on Pinterest and created my own. The measuring guide was straight-forward and easy to make, leading me to believe this DIY project was a bright idea. Then I got Husband’s power tools out of the garage and drilled a screw through DRYWALL instead of a STUD. Awesome. I continued because I didn’t want Husband to come home and find an incomplete project. The curtains look great, but I’ll be pissed if those screws give loose — especially in the middle of the night while I’m nursing Kamden. Before moving to the next room, I need to make some adjustments to the guide and (more importantly) use our handy-dandy stud finder before drilling holes in the walls. Husband was more pissed I was standing on a step ladder to conduct this DIY project than he was about the screws in drywall. I assured him that my safety — and that of our unborn child — was never in jeopardy during the completion of this endeavor as I was 12-inches off the ground.


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  1. Celeste Zachry October 16, 2013 at 5:12 am - Reply

    I agree with Kevin, no ladders, Missy!

    But, yes to painted pumpkins!

    • Nicole October 16, 2013 at 7:20 am - Reply

      Rules-schmules ….. I will get pumpkins early next week so they don’t rot before company arrives. 🙂

  2. babyjill7...Marilyn Griffin October 16, 2013 at 6:32 am - Reply

    painted punpkins has me thinking as well… pretty for Thanksgiving…
    “GIVE THANKS”…maybe…
    and for a woman having a baby…you have a lot going on in that head!

    • Nicole October 16, 2013 at 7:21 am - Reply

      Ha! I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not — maybe I’m proving just how crazy I really am!!! I love your Give Thanks idea too. 🙂

  3. Julie October 16, 2013 at 8:01 am - Reply

    Those side snap bodysuits are seriously making my ovaries ache….good thing I am an old lady and my baby making days are O-V-E-R! Oh yea, and I would need a man for that…LOL! My guess would be that you are definitely nesting, but I would totally roll with it. Can’t wait to see your pumpkins!

    • Nicole October 16, 2013 at 8:06 am - Reply

      “making my ovaries ache” that’s the best line ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Whimsical Minutes October 16, 2013 at 4:13 pm - Reply

    Oh em gee!! I love those snap bodysuits! My mom kept complaining about how hard it was to get the pull over bodysuits on baby E. 🙁 And I wish I would have seen these earlier!! ACK >.< Thanks for sharing!! I will have to get some of these. and the price is great too!!
    Your bit about the teal dress cracked me up! I say wear what you want and make it your own! You don't need to style it how she did it in the picture, tan or no tan! 🙂

    • Nicole October 16, 2013 at 4:18 pm - Reply

      I wish I could remember who suggested the H&M side-snap bodysuits, but #pregnancybrain is taking a toll on me. But I’m forever grateful to him/her for their suggestion. I really hope I get some about the shower next week, or else I’ll be spending a fortune online. You should know that I have ZERO fashion-sense. None. If I have to wear something that’s NOT shorts or jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie, I get very anxious. I’ve been pleased with the maternity wear I’ve found on Old Navy, especially the tank tops. As for the dress, I love it but it’s going to take an act of Congress (ha, pun intended) for me to make it work. I need a frugal stylist. LOL

  5. Skye October 18, 2013 at 10:39 am - Reply

    I’m pretty sure H&M just got online recently. That double zipper jumpsuit looks SO easy to put on and take off, awesome.

    • Nicole October 18, 2013 at 10:46 am - Reply

      Thanks, Skye, that makes me feel better ….. but I’m convinced I live beneath a rock and miss 99.99999% of what happens around me anyway! HAHAHAHAHAHA Between this jumpsuit and the side-snap bodysuits, I could spend a fortune on things for Baby K. Watch out, H&M, I’m logging on with Husband’s card soon!!!!! =)

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