Kamden has officially started pre-school. One of the perks of being at church so often, serving on teams, and leading small group classes is having access to the building so I can take pictures of Kamden’s classroom when it’s empty and quiet. Believe me, this scene doesn’t happen often.



Kamden has his own cubby and shelf for his backpack and water bottle. His nap mat is too large and has to be kept in the corner. Don’t hate.



Kamden is one of the “lambs” in Miss Tara’s room. Kamden loves animals so he’s a big fan of the bulletin board decorations in his classroom as well as the hallway, where a life-size Noah’s Ark is painted on the wall.


I don’t know if this makes me THAT Mom or not, but I’m either sentimental for starting this tradition or setting our kid up for failure. Probably both. Anyway, I bought Kamden this white t-shirt that’s huge on him now but he’ll eventually grow into it. I used fabric markers to write “Class of 2032” on the front but, of course, in the picture it reads “ass of 032.” Sorry, kid. If he doesn’t graduate high school in 2032, we’re both going to look foolish.




OK, first day of school. I knew I was going overboard on Kamden’s lunch but I don’t want my kid to be hungry and he can be a picky. For his first school lunch in his brand new YumBox, I packed blueberries, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, and raisins, plus Cheerios, rotisserie chicken, mini corn dog muffins, and mac-n-cheese cups. This is truly a meal fit for a prince but Kamden, being cantankerous, ate about 1.048236% of it.


Daddy took the day off so we could take Kamden to his first day of school. After we dropped Kamden off, Mommy and Daddy went to the gun range for a day date.

“Have a good first day, kid. See you at 2:30!”


After two weeks of school, Kamden has done extremely well adjusting to the new schedule on Tuesday and Thursday. We were very concerned about his nap habits but he’s adjusted like a champ and sleeps at church/school without issue. He’s also eating better, but I’m not stressing to create a Pinterest-worthy lunch for him two days a week either. The kid won’t starve, he’ll be alright.

We love J.U.M.P.S.!