I have a first date and we …

Well, first of all, let’s presume this isn’t a blind date and I know who I’m meeting because, let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time for surprises with strangers. Date Guy would come to my house, complement my t-shirt, jeans, and cap, and then he’d help me carry a bunch of gun cases and ammo to his car or truck. He opens the passenger side door for me to get in too. We’d shoot tons of paper at the gun range, as close as 30 feet with handguns and long-range (100 or more yards) with the target rifles. I would, most likely, shoot better than him but he’d be a good sport about it and tease by saying he ‘let’ me win. Yeah right. Then we’d go eat dinner at a place he picked out, I’m not picky, and he’d pay for our meal and leave a generous tip. If the night’s still young, and we enjoy each others company, we’d go bowling, watch a movie, or go to Top Golf. I’ve never been to Top Golf but 99% sure I’d like it. If the night’s going well, he might get a kiss after walking me back to my door. If the night’s going really well, I’d smack his jean-covered ass as he walked away and look forward to our next date.

I won’t apologize for that last part. 🙂

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Prompt for Week #68
My most recent splurge purchase for myself was…