Things I miss about being a kid …

not paying bills. Thanks to Husband’s great job and savvy financial skills, we’re secure and fine. But I still worry about the what-ifs and sigh every time I see a bill in the mailbox. Didn’t I just pay that damn thing?!

running through sprinklers, drinking water out of the garden hose, swimming in the lake, fishing at the pond, eating ice cream until my brain froze, and watering the hydrangea bushes with Nannie.

attending preschool at Lollipop Campus.

attending Robards Elementary School.

attending Webster County High School.

drama meant your best friend didn’t sit beside you at the lunch table or played ball with someone else on the playground. Speaking of playgrounds, I went to the principal’s office once in my life (second grade) for sucker-punching Phillip Dixon in the stomach while he hanged on the monkey bars because he wouldn’t stop kicking the back of my chair in the classroom and pulling my hair. I begged Mrs. Neely (the principal) not to contact my parents so we negotiated a plea bargain: I had to write Phillip an apology letter. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do because I wasn’t an ounce sorry for doing what I did. I must’ve been a great writer back then too, because Mrs. Neely believed my transcript and never called Mom or Dad. I finally confessed this moral transgression to my parents on my wedding day, some 16 years later, when I thought it was safe and I wouldn’t get into trouble. Dad laughed but Mom replied, “Nicole Marie, I’m calling Mrs. Neely tomorrow to get the full story and tell her you lied in your letter to Phillip.” I have no doubt the call was made, but Mom won’t admit it.  


youth group at church.

toilet papering my own house, with the youth group, and laughing about it the whole time.

calling “my crush” only to have his mom or dad answer the phone, YIKES!

I miss being a kid and living life without cell phones, social media, and political correctness. Sometimes, the truth hurts but we need to hear it. If you don’t get picked for the ball team, better luck next time or find a new hobby and don’t expect a ribbon for trying either.

Oh, and let’s not forget Lisa Frank and Trapper Keepers and Caboodles and playing cassette tapes in my Walkman.

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Prompt for Week #67
You have a first date. Where do you go?