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1. My relationships thrive because
I give 110% of myself. I wear my heart of my sleeve. I see the best in humanity. I’m an optimist. I give second chances over and over. However, I have my limits too. When I’m done, I’m done.

2. My favorite piece of advice
is “never date someone you wouldn’t marry.” It’s quite simple and straightforward, much like the woman who said it: my great-grandmother, Nannie Edwards. Set your standards high, never compromise on the big “Tee” truths, and follow your heart. I followed mine from small-town Kentucky to Fort Worth, Texas. Whodathunkit?! Actually, when I was in the sixth grade, I wrote an essay about my dreams and future plans. At the tender age of 12, I wrote about living in Texas, marrying a cowboy, owning horses, and being a mother. If someone tells you dreams don’t come true, ignore them.

3. My worst habit
is picking my feet. I hate my feet. They’re dry and callused and gross and disgusting but I will sit on the couch and pick the dead skin off or trim my toenails. I’m grossed just reading my response. YUCK!

Invite your blogging friends and come back next Wednesday for another round of Finish This where we’ll answer another set of prompts!

Prompt for WEEK 39 — October 1
I am most comfortable
Diamonds are
I wish I could be more