February can be summed up in one word: SEBABA. In Hebrew, it means awesome. Not only was my recent trip to Israel sebaba, but I am pretty sebaba too. Here’s what I’ve accomplished in the last 28 days:

meet 5 bloggers in person
build relationships with local bloggers Jill from Real Life Notes invited me to dinner on February 27. We celebrated her completion of the Texas bar exam with fruity adult beverages, table-side guacamole, and really delicious Southwestern cuisine at Blue Mesa Grill in Fort Worth.
host or co-host a link-up
participate in a link-up once a month Husband joined the fun and we both answered silly questions for Valentine’s Day with Melissa at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife on February 14
host a sponsored giveaway
host or co-host a swap   
be a guest writer on someone’s blog I created this page to showcase my guest posts.

make sweet pickles using Neenie’s recipe
make homemade bread {without the bread machine}
make the perfect omelet
prepare and deliver a meal to a local fire station
eat at a celebrity chef’s restaurant
attend a gourmet cooking class
attend a Sushi making class

participate in the Great Day of Service
serve the homeless at a local soup kitchen
build a home with Habitat for Humanity
go on a mission trip

Holy Land (Israel) ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!
Lisa in Virginia
Jacquelyn in Texas
Margaret in Colorado I did not go to Colorado, but I saw Margaret when she came to Dallas for a speaking engagement (Feb 9-10) at Red Oak Church.

a performance at Bass Hall
a midnight movie premiere
movie at a drive-in theater
college football game
professional athletic event

a monthly “date” with Husband Celebrated a milestone on February 13; practiced our target skills at the gun range; and enjoyed a Valentine’s dinner together
create a portfolio for Three 31 Photography  
journal at least 3 days a week wrote in my journal 24 of 28 days
get a full-time job
frame the print from Lisa DeNoia Photography
complete Laity Development Training
write a letter to an editor
go wild hog hunting
attend a baby shower
attend a wedding
attend a religious service different from my own
go to a Texas-specific festival
go to a comedy show
take a course for Photoshop editing February 16 — spent most of the day with professional photographer and graphic designer Sean Long
finish my novel
have Girls’ Nights at least once a quarter Dinner with Jill on February 27
play in a golf tournament
read Gone With The Wind
sell my car

spa facial every 6-8 weeks I purchased a Groupon deal (4 microdermabrasion sessions for $100) and had a facial on February 9. In addition to the spa pampering, I’m also using scrubs, masks, and cleansers made with Dead Sea salt, mud, and minerals. My face feels amazing and my complexion looks great …. the compliments from Husband are more precious than gold.
square-toe cowboy boots
unique necklace I purchased a Jerusalem cross pendant in Bethlehem but I need to get a chain before I can wear it.
Warby Parker glasses
TOMS shoes
a battery for my watch
a pretty camera bag
Oakley sunglasses
Le Creuset loaf pan


January – organize a group to read Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg Purchased the DVD study.

February – edit photos from Holy Land Done. create, order, and mail a secret project The “secret project” is currently in production and I am confident that all recipients will receive their gift before Easter (March 31). finalize Wonderstruck small group EPIC FAIL. schedule a paid photo shoot FAIL. Two separate families are checking their schedules, but no one has confirmed. Yet.

March – share Holy Land photos, visit the eye doctor (new contacts + eyeglass fitting), begin Wonderstruck study, schedule follow-up tutorial with Sean, schedule/shoot/edit/deliver photos to new clients, mail the “secret project” by March 20

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