I could have slept in this morning, but my internal clock did what it normally does and I was wide-awake at 5:36. An hour later, I gave up the battle and let Husband sleep in peace without my constant tossing and turning. I marinated chicken for supper, folded a load of towels, and read a few chapters on the Kindle. After an early lunch, I went to the grocery store, got my hair cut (thanks Sam!), and stopped at the bank to get a document signed by a Notary. Now, the washer and dryer are running, the dishwasher is on the final rinse cycle, and I am wrapped up my Snuggie on the couch …… life’s pretty good!

In a few hours, around 11:00pm, the mission team from First United Methodist Church in Joshua will load personal luggage into the church van, check the trailer one last time, and head east towards the Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky. Pulling a cargo trailer of equipment with a van filled with 10 people, the thousand-mile-trek will take us at least 20 hours. In my humble opinion, I think it will take every bit of 24 hours.

One of my contributions to this team is managing the team’s blog during the duration of our trip. I did this last year when the mission team from FUMC Joshua went to Haiti. It was quite time-consuming, but the positive messages and uplifting comments posted by friends, family, and even strangers, were a huge boost to the team’s morale. Each morning before breakfast, and each night during the team’s devotion time, I read blog comments and messages to the team. The blog provided a way for our team to share experiences with readers and, in turn, provided readers the opportunity to be in ministry even though they were not physically in Haiti. I am confident the team traveling to Kentucky will have a similar experience with this blog too.

You can be a part of the mission team traveling to Kentucky too, please visit the team’s blog and “subscribe” to receive notifications when a new post is published. You can also leave comments on each blog post. All comments and messages are appreciated and they will be read daily. Not everyone can go on this trip, but this blog provides an excellent bridge to gap the distance. I hope you will participate and be our “virtual” teammate!

Blessings to you and yours,


P.S. I will try (no promises!!!!) to publish a personal blog post here at Three 31 each day. However, for the next 10 days, this mission trip is my first priority.

Click HERE to access the team’s blog, or click the image above.