I returned home yesterday evening from a conference in Waco and most of the way home, it rained. It continued raining throughout the night and the sound of thunder was glorious. I haven’t been outside to check the rain gauge this morning, but I’m sure we got at least a half-inch. Before bedtime, Husband unplugged all of our electronic devices and disconnected cable cords from the TVs and computers.

A friend of his recently experienced monumental and EXPENSIVE damage after a thunderstorm. Lightning hit the man’s house and coincidentally struck every TV, computer, satellite box, and even the a/c unit inside and out. Ouch!

Needless to say, I wasn’t online last night. I was comatose in my recliner. What is it about conventions or conferences that are so exhausting? I mean, most of the programs were situated in this expansive space and all clergy and laity were seated at tables. It wasn’t an energetic event, why am I so tired?

I tell you all of that to say this: someone or something hacked into my Twitter account and posted several times about my “dite” changes and experiencing incredible weight loss.

Say what? What are dite changes?

Thinking about it now, I wish I had saved the posts so I could show them to you here, but I’ve already deleted them and reset my Twitter password. Dang you, Thwackers!

Consider this post a friendly reminder. When’s the last time you changed your password to Facebook, Twitter, or email? More importantly, when’s the last time you changed your password to online bank accounts?

This post has been a public service announcement provided free of charge from Yours Truly. Please, change your online account passwords and protect yourself. There are some crazy mother-truckers in this world.

Concerned & Exhausted,