Let me start by saying that I have some really great, wonderful, beautiful, talented, funny, and generous friends. Our friendships are unique because we’re all bloggers in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Two years ago, I never imagined the network of people who I would connect with through a blog.

I’ll say this about us too: we’re smokin’ HOT!!!!!!


Yours Truly arrived at this party with a dead battery in the camera. None of these photos are mine, but they belong to to the winner-winner-chicken-dinner of photography, Sarah from Loveee, Sarah.

We met at Winslow’s Wine Cafe, a swanky bar and restaurant in the Arlington Heights community of Fort Worth (4101 Camp Bowie). The food was delicious (the trio of hummus with fresh pita strips was especially amazing) and most of us had Poinsettias, an adult beverage made of Prosecco (sparkling wine) and cranberry juice.

Cheers for Christmas!


When it came time for presents, our kind and gentle spirits were replaced with boxing gloves and fierce competition for the Silly Santa Exchange.

I’m kidding about the boxing gloves.

The rules of our game said an ornament could be “stolen” twice before it was deemed “frozen” by the third person who possessed it. I had two – yes TWO – ornaments taken away from me.

I threw no punches, however. Just making that clear.



Perhaps the highlight, and my claim to fame, was my PHOTOBOMBING abilities. It seemed I was dodging the camera all night. But when you stand six-feet, are as wide as a Mack truck, and confined to a small space with 15 other people, there’s no room for me to retreat. Finally, when I was stuck and had no where to go, I stayed in the picture and provided the cheesiest grin in the history of ever!




Despite ruining her lovely photo, April (Red Dirt Mama) still loves me … or so she says.

Right, April?

Once again, we (DFW Bloggers) enjoyed a lovely evening together. It felt wonderful to reconnect with the ladies I met at the painting party while meeting new girls for the first time. Seeing their smiling faces makes reading their blogs more personal. The three hostesses did a great job planning the event too. They even created handmade decor for the party and prepared special take-home gifts of cider mix too.


Julie from A Beautiful Day
Megan from The House of Martinez
Becky from The Java Mama

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