I don’t know much about superheroes (this particular fact drives Husband insane) but I’m confident mothers – and dads – deserve a cape of their own. I’m a mom of one and moms of multiples, whether it’s two or 15, impress me!

I had the most wonderful time yesterday celebrating the Mother’s Milk Bank of North Texas at their annual benefit luncheon at Ridglea Country Club in Fort Worth. I became an official registered human milk donor – #5644 – on May 19, 2014 and pumped exclusively for 14 months. In that time, I donated in excess of 3,600 ounces, nearly 29 gallons of breast milk. To put that quantity into perspective, critical NICU babies typically consume about an ounce of breast milk each feeding.

Yesterday’s luncheon afforded me the opportunity to finally meet some of the board members and administrators of the MMBNT, medical professionals from area hospitals, corporate sponsors, and other donor moms. It’s an amazing feeling to sit in a banquet room full of men and women who wholly support milk banking, and I’m blessed to be among them.

Amy Vickers is the milk bank’s executive director and has such an incredible heart for mothers and their babies. I would do anything for this woman and the milk bank, including inviting a TV crew with lights and cameras into my home for an interview to promote human milk banks!

WEB Milk Bank Lunch 093015-2

The guest speaker at the luncheon was January Harshe from Birth Without Fear. January is a wife and mother to six children (hello – where’s her superhero cape?!) and lives in Austin. BWF is a community of people who encourage, empower, inspire, support, and educate women on pregnancy, birth, and post-partum issues. I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when she stepped on the stage but I was pleasantly surprised and her message was spot-on. The next time you see a new mom or dad, don’t ask about their newborn who’s probably sleeping peacefully in their car seat or carrier. Instead, ask the mom or dad how THEY are doing. Give them a hug. Offer to bring them a prepared meal. Wash a load of laundry. Take out the trash. Mop their floors. Or sit and rock the baby who has been crying nonstop all day (and night) so they can enjoy a shower or take a nap, or both! A simple act of kindness has a profound affect on a parent. (The same is also true for parents of toddlers and teenagers who are just trying to survive a day full of poopy diapers and raging hormones. You get my drift?!)

WEB Milk Bank Lunch 093015-5

And, finally, the lovely lady I credit for introducing me to the milk bank process and handing me an application to donate: Simone Summerlin. She’s the bee’s knees and I love her to pieces. When I joined the milk bank in early 2014, and Kamden still had rolls and fat cheeks and no neck, Simone was the donor coordinator and readily available for an impromptu visit from Chubby Cheeks when it was time for me to deliver a cooler full of frozen breast milk. When I got sick and lost my abundant milk supply, Simone wiped away my tears. Now, she’s moved up to higher places and has a fancy-schmancy job title (programs director) and I have to call in advance to schedule an appointment to see her. I can’t be mad at her though, she’s too darn cute …

WEB Milk Bank Lunch 093015-3

AND PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simone recently announced she and her husband are expecting their first child in March 2016. I could not be more excited for two people to have created another human. Cletus the Fetus is already loved by so many people, including me – Auntie Nee.

WEB Milk Bank Lunch 093015-4

A big THANK YOU to Husband for his infinite support; sponsors for their generous contributions; milk donors who supply the liquid gold; and, the milk bank staff for all their hard work, including the luncheon. I’m already looking forward to next year and taking Mom-friends with me!

Do you like the top I’m wearing? It’s the “Find the Tide” poncho from Kiki La Rue, you can purchase it here. And yes, I wore white pants after Labor Day.