Nine. { Kamden's Monthly Update }

  Teeth, crawling, and growing - oh my! I swear I was nursing a newborn yesterday and, blink, here we are with an energetic, joy-filled, happy, mobile little man. As active as Kamden is and becoming, I'm really loving this new phase. He's like an Indianapolis 500 racecar driver when he's in his walker. I love [...]

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Eight. { Kamden’s Monthly Update }

Kamden is eight months old! I'm loving the current stage as he is in full "baby mode" experimenting with sound and noise and discovering his vocal chords; grabbing his toes; chewing on his fingers and toys; and exploring his home environment. His personality and social patterns are also developing. Like me, he is a very social [...]

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Seven. { Kamden’s SEVENTH MONTH update }

We are closer to Kamden's first birthday than the day he was born. I'm not sure how I feel about this realization. What happened to my itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny baby? GROWING // That itsy-bitsy baby boy is now my Mini Man Child! Kamden's routine well-visit and third round of vaccinations were yesterday - somehow our scheduling got off because he's seven [...]

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Half A Year { Kamden’s SIX MONTH update }

Six months. 183 days. 263,520 minutes. As of yesterday, June 19, my baby is one half of one year. This makes me incredibly sad but also joyful for the precious moments I've spent watching him grow and develop into the little man he is becoming. He's growing so fast, too fast! I'm still trying to wrap my [...]

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Mama’s Boy { Kamden’s FIVE MONTH update }

One year ago today, last night at midnight to be exact, I was in the hospital and learned I had gallstones and was pregnant. My, oh my, what a difference a year can make! I can't believe my surprise-of-all-surprises is five months old already. It seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital! GROWING // Mister [...]

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Bunny Business. { Kamden’s FOUR MONTH update }

GROWING // We stepped on the scale and Kamden's surpassed the 17-pound mark. We estimate him to be 25 inches long. He's definitely a chunk! EATING // Pumping, feeding with a bottle, and storing surplus milk is still going really well. Kamden's eating six ounces of breast milk by bottle every three to four hours and we've established a [...]

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Our Daily Regimen

Several weeks ago, I was asked to play in a four-person golf scramble for a youth camp fundraiser. I've played in the tournament before, and I'm certainly no stranger to a golf course, but my life situation is drastically different now that I am Kamden's momma. Husband and I talked about the possibility of me [...]

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ANGEL GOWNS // gifts for grieving parents

Yesterday, I had the most amazing experience: I donated my wedding dress to the NICU Helping Hands Foundation at Baylor All Saints Hospital in Fort Worth. Here I am pictured with Natalie, the project coordinator and mother to twins born premature. Natalie has personal experience in this NICU unit. Four years ago, she delivered micro-preemie twins, a [...]

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Motherhood Essentials (0-3 months)

I love lists and product recommendations, especially when it comes to items for babies and new moms. As a first time mom, I think I'm a pretty good judge of usefulness and whether or not I really need a product. You can look all over the interwebs and folks will tell you buy a hundred different products for a [...]

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