Campo Verde Mexican Restaurant

Kamden and I may have found the Christmas Tinsel Capital of the world at Campo Verde Mexican Restaurant in Arlington, Texas! Look at this place ... This place is COVERED in Christmas decor. There are lights and trees everywhere. And tinsel. Lots and lots of tinsel! Campo Verde opened in July 1983 and I would be [...]

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Mom Up { a book review + giveaway! }

Are you ready to MOM UP? If you're a Mama and reading this, please do me a huge favor and close your eyes, take a deeeeeeeeep breath (take another one just in case!), and put your hand over your heart. Feel that? Good, now repeat after me: I am not perfect, but I have a purpose. [...]

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First Day of School // JUMPS Toddler 1 Room

Kamden has officially started pre-school. One of the perks of being at church so often, serving on teams, and leading small group classes is having access to the building so I can take pictures of Kamden's classroom when it's empty and quiet. Believe me, this scene doesn't happen often. Kamden has his own cubby and shelf [...]

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Mommy & Me // Jalyn and Miss H

Mother's Day is coming up soon and I am so excited to share my most recent photo session with a mother-daughter duo I met at The Little Gym. Jalyn and her daughter, Miss H, are precious and all smiles .... though Miss H prefers to stick her tongue out whenever possible! If you are in the [...]

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All Good Things Must End

I didn't think I'd be this emotional about turning off the Medela breast pump for good, but it's bittersweet. Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about my breastfeeding and pumping journey ending. I am beyond grateful that I was able to feed our son the best my body had to offer for 13 months, as well as [...]

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ONE YEAR!!!!! { Kamden's Monthly Update }

I'm such a Mom Failure: this post is over a week late since Kamden turned one. But, in my defense, it's been a very busy time! I made a big number one for Kamden's birthday party using three-inch square prints from Great deal on great products, especially Instagram prints! The photo collage had been [...]

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KAMDEN // the first year in pictures

Last night, I put Kamden to bed as an 11-month-old infant. Today, he woke up a year old toddler. His birthday marks a significant milestone for us as a family of three and we celebrate a major accomplishment for breastfeeding exclusively for a year as well. We have a lot to celebrate, and we will through the weekend, [...]

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11 { Kamden's Monthly Update }

Okay, so I'm late (AGAIN!) with Kamden's monthly update post but I have a really good reason this time: I've been in the fetal position crying my eyes out as this is the last update before Kamden turns one. People, he's almost ONE YEAR old! What happened to my itsy-bitsy bundle of orange jaundice baby I brought home from [...]

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10 { Kamden's Monthly Update }

Kamden, my precious boy, you are 10 months old! Mommy is so far behind on taking your pictures and writing this monthly update blog post. I'm so sorry. Despite life's happenings and distractions, Daddy and I are selfishly enjoying and savoring every moment we get to spend with you, watching you grow and develop into [...]

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