Our Punkin in the Pumpkin Patch

Last Monday, Kamden and I visited the church's pumpkin patch. As a mom, it was a rash decision but, as a blogger in desperate need of a fall-themed portrait for his monthly update post, it was an opportunity I couldn't resist. Kamden took his normal two-hour nap but the moment he opened his eyes, I scooped him out of bed, [...]

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10 { Kamden's Monthly Update }

Kamden, my precious boy, you are 10 months old! Mommy is so far behind on taking your pictures and writing this monthly update blog post. I'm so sorry. Despite life's happenings and distractions, Daddy and I are selfishly enjoying and savoring every moment we get to spend with you, watching you grow and develop into [...]

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Nine. { Kamden's Monthly Update }

  Teeth, crawling, and growing - oh my! I swear I was nursing a newborn yesterday and, blink, here we are with an energetic, joy-filled, happy, mobile little man. As active as Kamden is and becoming, I'm really loving this new phase. He's like an Indianapolis 500 racecar driver when he's in his walker. I love [...]

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Grandparents’ Day 2014

Blessed are those who spoil and snuggle, hug and hope, pray and pamper, boast and brag for they shall be called GRANDPARENTS. For Grandparents' Day, Kamden has a special message to send his Mammaw and Papaw, Nana C and Grandaddy, and his great-grandmothers, Neenie and Nana Rose: Okay, so he was a bit distracted by all the sights [...]

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Eight. { Kamden’s Monthly Update }

Kamden is eight months old! I'm loving the current stage as he is in full "baby mode" experimenting with sound and noise and discovering his vocal chords; grabbing his toes; chewing on his fingers and toys; and exploring his home environment. His personality and social patterns are also developing. Like me, he is a very social [...]

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Seven. { Kamden’s SEVENTH MONTH update }

We are closer to Kamden's first birthday than the day he was born. I'm not sure how I feel about this realization. What happened to my itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny baby? GROWING // That itsy-bitsy baby boy is now my Mini Man Child! Kamden's routine well-visit and third round of vaccinations were yesterday - somehow our scheduling got off because he's seven [...]

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Resolution Update // June 2014

Summer 2014 has officially started. That also means I officially have a six month old on my hands. Dear Time, please slow down. At least a little bit. I don't feel like I've accomplished much this month in regards to this list. There are a couple of things I really want to do, need to do, [...]

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Half A Year { Kamden’s SIX MONTH update }

Six months. 183 days. 263,520 minutes. As of yesterday, June 19, my baby is one half of one year. This makes me incredibly sad but also joyful for the precious moments I've spent watching him grow and develop into the little man he is becoming. He's growing so fast, too fast! I'm still trying to wrap my [...]

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Peach Picking

Summer hasn't officially begun, but Kamden and I have been thoroughly enjoying organic produce from our local grocery and farmer's market. It's been great to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into my diet, as well as prepare Kamden's homemade baby food purees. This morning, we visited Little Elm Farm, owned by Don and Diane Collins, to pick one of my [...]

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