A new home for Three 31

Welcome to the new home of Three 31, I'm so glad you're here! { photo from Unsplash } The new design and hosting were made possible by my friend and tech-extraordinaire, Lisa D. at Port & Starboard, LLC. I wanted a simple, clean design and she delivered. Better yet, Lisa is a phone call, email, [...]

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2017 Resolutions

A new year means new beginnings, a new planner, and a new list of resolutions. I've been working on this list for about a week and I think it's a good mix of realistic, ambitious, and challenging goals for 2017. I am constantly inspired by others who make similar lists, particularly fellow 30-somethings, mothers of young [...]

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What I'm Reading

I get asked quite often about the huge bag or backpack I'm always seen carrying around church so I thought I would share its contents ... as well as some articles I've read from the inter-webs. It's safe to say I've been in a blogging "slump" and haven't posted much recently, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought [...]

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A Toddler-Friendly St. Patrick's Day with #GerberLilBeanies

This is a sponsored post for #GerberLilBeanies written on behalf of The Women Bloggers in association with @KendalKingGroup and #SoapboxInfluence; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I love hosting get-togethers because it forces me to clean our house, prepare lots of food, and decorate for the holiday or season. During spring break, Kamden [...]

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What's so "good" about Good Friday?

What is so good about Good Friday? How can anything good come from something so bad? Today is Good Friday, perhaps the most significant event in the history of the world. It's a day filled with somber worship in dark spaces, dreadful songs, and Scripture passages of death, pain, suffering, and humiliation of an innocent man. The cross, a symbolic representation of God's unconditional love (vertical [...]

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Easter Treasure Hunt 2016

Before I truly understood the real meaning of Easter and its importance to my new life in Christ, I was all about collecting as many brightly colored eggs as possible and hoping they held my favorite type of candy. I'm partial to Twix, Three Musketeers, and strawberry Starbursts! Nowadays, it's not the size or contents of the eggs [...]

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A bag of … RED

  I recently shared my new role as spiritual mentor to a young lady who is going through an 18-week Confirmation Class at our church. I am responsible for modeling Christian living, encouraging her to make wise and sound decisions, and being available when she wants to talk or ask questions. Though it is not required, gift-giving is one of [...]

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SELAH Bible Study // Importance of Community

SCRIPTURE Nehemiah 2:17-20 EXPLANATION Nehemiah // a Jewish man; the king's "cupbearer" (wine taster and guard); held place of honor with Persian King King of Persia // verbally blessed Nehemiah and encouraged him to return to Jerusalem to rebuild walls Sanballet, Tobiah, and Geshem // kings doubtful of Nehemiah LOCATION // Jerusalem. The Babylonians conquered Jerusalem and King [...]

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SELAH Bible Study // The Healing of Naaman

SCRIPTURE 2 Kings 5:1-14 EXPLANATION Naaman // an army commander, a great man with king's favor, a mighty warrior, had leprosy Young Girl // an Israeli taken captive during war, maidservant of Naaman's wife, a believer in the prophet Mistress // Naaman's wife King of Aram // wrote letter to the king of Israel on Naaman's behalf, sought prophet for [...]

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