Refrigerator Knows Best

What does your refrigerator say about you? Since I can remember, the fridge has been a bulletin board of sorts. Growing up, my Dad worked insanely crazy rotating schedules at the coal mine, but he kept a calendar on the fridge so Mom and I would know if he was coming or going. Seriously, his [...]

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Me, Myself, and I (the Christmas edition)

Whoa, we're just 3 days away from what the Mayans think will be the end of whatever they thought would end on 12/21/12. I'm still confused about the whole theory, but let's get to know each other before Doomsday strikes! Christmas, most specifically Advent, is my favorite time of year. I didn't understand Advent until [...]

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29 Things I’ve Learned in 29 Years

Today is my 29th birthday. Happy Birthday to all the babies born on December 17. 29 things I've learned in 29 years: 1. No matter how old I get, I'll always be Daddy's girl and want my Mom around when I'm sick. There's just something about a Mom's healing touch. 2. Reading is food for [...]

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