Looking for new eyeglass frames is like listening to myself on a recording. It’s absolutely dreadful. I’d rather have my wisdom teeth extracted. With dry sockets. Needless to say, I don’t wear my glasses in public unless it’s an absolutely emergency. But, I want to change this habit and wear them more often. Which brings us to the purpose of this post: I need your help. I found a handy-dandy tool at PearleVisiondotcom that allows site visitors to upload their picture and virtually (literally and figuratively) try-on frames. Personally, I think this is almost as good as sliced bread. I can look at my dreadful self in dreadful eyeglasses in the comfort of my La-Z-Boy recliner. I don’t have to put on a bra or drive to Fort Worth and embarrass myself in front of other customers. This is my kind of shopping!

In the spirit of democracy (because we all know that I’m following these political campaigns on the tee-vee ….. cough cough), I’m asking you to *VOTE* for your favorite frame(s).

Now, I understand my forehead is five-stories-tall, my teeth are big, and my ears are crooked, but help me. Please. There are eight (8) options, please be honest. You’re not going to say anything I haven’t already. Plus, if you don’t like any of these I’ve picked out, say so.

EEEK! Hey Nicole, keep your contacts. Thanks!

You’re not going to hurt my feelings. However, glancing at the brand names, Husband might have a coronary. It’s never good for our frugality when prices are not listed.

To vote, or provide a public service announcement saying contacts were made for people like me, simply add a comment to this post. An example comment might be:

I want you to max out Husband’s credit card by purchasing Option #6. Do the Tiffany frames come in a blue box with a white satin ribbon too? Ohh-la-la-la. Me likey-likey. A lot.

You have until May 15 to cast your vote and leave your comments. Pearle Vision has a current promotion, Buy One Get One Free, that ends June 30, 2012. Get your votes in and I promise a “field trip” to the local PV for a fitting.