Kamden and I may have found the Christmas Tinsel Capital of the world at Campo Verde Mexican Restaurant in Arlington, Texas!

Look at this place …

This place is COVERED in Christmas decor. There are lights and trees everywhere. And tinsel. Lots and lots of tinsel!

Campo Verde opened in July 1983 and I would be willing to bet the furniture and decor are all original. The vinyl chairs in the dining areas are classic 80s. The bathroom even had faux marble countertops and carpet … eww?!

No doubt, this place is iconic for its over-the-top Christmas decorations and that’s exactly why I wanted to take Kamden for an impromptu lunch date.

From the outside, the place is unassuming and pretty standard looking for Tex-Mex restaurants. Step inside and you’re in another world!

Flamingos next to color-changing trees? They’re at Campo Verde!

Train tracks above your head? Check!

For all you National Lampoon Christmas Vacation fans, you’ll appreciate the effort that Campo Verde puts into their electrical configurations. While eating lunch, I thought for sure Clark Griswold would appear at any moment!!!!

Last day of Christmas vacation and Kamden and I are convinced we have seen the Christmas Tinsel Capital of the World at Campo Verde! I can’t say Campo Verde is the best Mexican food I’ve eaten, but the decorations sure make up for the lackluster chips, salsa, and enchiladas.

The Christmas Extravaganza at Campo Verde is on display October through March — that’s SIX MONTHS for you and your family to enjoy more than 120,000 lights, 3,000 yards of multi-colored tinsel (told you there was a lot!!!!), 50 Santas, 30 trees, and two model trains that travel along 635 feet of track above the restaurant and bar areas.

Truly, you’ve got to see this place to appreciate all the decor!

Campo Verde is located at 2918 West Pioneer Parkway in Arlington, Texas and opens at 11am daily. If you love gaudy Christmas decor, you MUST visit this place!

Have you eaten at Campo Verde?