I had every intention to post this on Sunday, but my weekend just got hectic with the DSL going out (again). I drove to the church because I had to send a very important email and thought it would be a good idea to post this now instead of later. Who knows when we’ll have internet again. Seriously, AT&T, you need to get your shiz-nit together. Two technicians visiting my neighborhood in a week is ridiculous. Anywayyyyy.

Starting in July, I’m doing a button swap at Three 31. If you’ve blogged for a while, you know what a button swap is. For newbies like me, it’s unfamiliar territory.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce the SEVEN bloggers who’ve graciously agreed to swap blog buttons with me. When I sent the request (it was more of a beg, but who’s getting technical?), I never expected the response to be so overwhelming. My goal was two or three, but bloggers have a way of surpassing goals and this is proof that we mean business!
These seven fabulous ladies are cooler than cucumbers and rock my socks with their awesomeness. Visit their blogs, “friend” them on Facebook, “follow” them on Twitter, whatever you have to do to show them some LOVE. Their blogs’ buttons are displayed on the right sidebar, check them out.

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Lisa is a dear friend and former colleague (she taught me all the ins-and-outs of marketing proposals … bless her heart). Funny thing is: we’ve never met in person. She’s the inspiring force and one who convinced me to start a blog way-back-when. She recently redesigned her blog, LDA Press, and it looks amazing. It’ll make you crave a beverage and an ocean view.

A Sweet Southern Mess

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Anna is A Sweet Southern Mess. She’s an adorable Southern gal in Tennessee who loves Jesus, sweet tea, and camo … my kind of gal … AND she’s reading 50 Shades. Oh my, we’re two peas in a pod. She recently asked me to write a post for her blog, and of course I said yes. Check it out HERE!

Finding My Way in Texas

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Jennifer moved to Texas recently and her blog is Finding My Way In Texas. She personifies generosity and is extremely kind. Her blog posts are so uplifting. I’m so excited she’s swapping her button with me ~ thanks Jennifer!

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Rebecca is a Southern gal living in Florida and blogs at Let Them Eat Cake. Want to hear something strange? She doesn’t eat cake. Huh? Yeah. That’s what I said!!!!! Cake or no cake, I love Rebecca and her blog …… I’m eating a cupcake in her honor.

Blabbering Thoughts

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Tiffany’s mind produces lots of Blabbering Thoughts { pun intended }. Just reading her posts makes me smile. Which reminds me, she has a smile that puts mine to shame. I love reading about her weekend adventures, trying her recipes, and living vicariously through her very exciting life. Love ya, Tiffany!

Becoming Fabulous

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Tranae is the fabulous blog owner of Becoming Fabulous. It’s a beautifully designed blog (that she created herself … wowzers!) with an impressive “bucket list” of items she wants to complete by 2014. She’s given me a ton of ideas that I want to incorporate onto my own list.


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Jen is an lovely lady married to the marvelous Micah. They live in sunny Arizona.
I’m forever indebted to Jen as she graciously explained to me ~ in idiot’s terms ~ how to create HTML code for an image. I told y’all she was lovely … and sweet … and kind.

There you have it … seven of the sweetest, most kind, adorable, gracious, kind, and beautiful blogging friends a sweet-tea-drinkin’-blogger could ask for! Button swappers, if I win the lottery, we’re all going on a trip. My treat.

Big hug! Have a fabulous weekend! Hugs & kisses!