Last summer, when it was 3547234 degrees in the shade, I signed up for a photography class with Bella Pop Photography. The topic for the afternoon was Manual Settings. I didn’t have a clue what “manual” meant, but I knew that I needed as much help as I could possibly afford.

You may remember that it was last summer when I acquired a fancy-schmancy DSLR camera, a Nikon D5000. After charging the battery, I turned the camera on, put it on “Auto” mode, and started clicking away. I’m such a brave, adventurous girl!

Granted it was hotter than the hubs of H-E-double-hockey-sticks that day, but I managed to learn a few settings (including aperture – featured in the photo above) that I had only read about in my ancient-of-days photography/journalism classes.

A few weeks ago, I got a sweet email from Brandy (owner of Bella Pop) asking if I would be interested in an online photography class she was hosting. Of course I accepted her invitation. I have so much to learn that I honestly feel UNDER qualified, even for a beginner’s class. There are lots of really talented people in this “class” and I’ve really enjoyed viewing their work this week.

As you read in my post yesterday, last week was H-E-double-hockey-sticks. But, after church, I ventured outside (wearing several shirts plus a hoodie and wool socks) with my camera. The weather is a bit different from seven months ago!!! We’ve gotten a few inches of rain so grass is beginning to grow again in the pasture. I also grabbed a Christmas ornament I found on the hutch in the dining room (don’t ask!). I thought the purple would contrast nicely with the bright green grass. What do you think?

Please remember, despite my novice post-processing skills using Photoshop, the images below are completely un-edited. They are directly from camera to blog post. EEEEK!!!!

As I was sitting in the grass, I heard knickering and footsteps behind me. A moment later, Blue was standing right in front of me. The photo, in my opinion, isn’t very good because his light color blends in too much with the light skies overhead. But, nonetheless, I’ll share anyway:

While Blue was grazing near me, I couldn’t help but notice his feet. It’s been a while since he’s had new horseshoes and it’s obvious too. This guy is in desperate need of an equine pedicure! Fortunately, our farrier is scheduled for a visit this week.

Check out Brandy at Bella Pop Photography, her skills will knock your socks off …… unless, of course, you’re not wearing any!