Kamden has this hoodie jacket that a friend’s daughter “bedazzled” by sewing dinosaur spikes on top. It’s the cutest thing ever and I never imagined Kamden would wear the size 2T jacket before he was a year old, but he’s the Mini Man Child and he likes exceeding expectations. The jacket also gives him super dinosaur sounds.


The past few days have been the warmest North Texas has seen in three weeks. Not that I’m complaining about the cold temps, because I love this time of year and dressing in layers, but it was extra nice to see the sun shining and be able to go outside and enjoy ourselves. You know what else is nice? Watching your husband and son together. Be still my heart. Goodness gracious, my cup runneth over.

Kamden took a step, looked at Daddy, and took another step. Such a Daddy’s Buddy. Precious.


Kamden took a tumble in the grass, probably because this is only the second or third time the kid’s ever worn shoes, but he rolled right over with a smile on his face. And he laughs and giggles when flipping at The Little Gym too. If you look close enough you can see he’s got two bottom teeth and two more on top beginning to poke through. We waited so long for his first tooth to appear and now he’s got four!


You’re alright kid, I’ve got bigger scratches on my eye ball.


Daddy, when I grow up, I want to be just like you.


Because we’re semi-crunchy parents, Kamden has just one pair of shoes and they’re actually sandals but we put them on him anyway. He gets major style points for wearing sandals with white crew socks. Holla!


I don’t know who was more excited to be outside but Husband had a majorly proud Daddy moment when Kamden was walking and stomping on the flat-bed trailer. They walked around the house, Kamden got inside the horse trailer, walked on and around the flat-bed, and then he pointed to at the barn. He wanted to see Blue and the big red tractor that’s inside!


If I walk downhill, I better hold on tight to the rail. But Daddy will catch me if I fall.


Look Mom, I’ve got dirt and dust (and maybe a little grease) on me!


And while you’re out exploring your homestead, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Or, in Kamden’s case, pick up a leaf for Mom.


I love this photo of my husband and son together, but disregard the donkey booty in the background.


Baby and Papa Dinosaur say see ya later, alligators. 🙂