It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since Kamden started going to The Little Gym! What happened to my chunky monkey? He’s now a little boy.

Kamden at TLG one year

Before the awards presentation, Kamden and his Birds buddies got to show off the skills they’ve been learning to friends and family. Kamden loves using the P (parallel) Bars to climb.

TLG Awards Day web use-5

He climbs onto the balance beam by himself and goes “feet first” to get down.

TLG Awards Day web use-8

Kamden LOVES flipping on the floor mats or over a bar …

TLG Awards Day web use-10

And climbing onto a big mat and reaching for the bar himself, then hanging like a monkey! (The little girl in the back is obviously exhausted from all of the strenuous activity and taking a much needed break.)

TLG Awards Day web use-15

Kamden loves climbing up the foam steps onto the tall balance beam and thanks to Miss Jayln for being nearby to spot him as he walked across … Mommy was obviously busy taking pictures!

TLG Awards Day web use-11

Kamden’s lovely lady, Miss H, prefers to crawl across the balance beam.

TLG Awards Day web use-12

This boy obviously loves his weekly class at The Little Gym – look at this smile!

TLG Awards Day web use-13

At the end of class today, Miss Karen presented her Birds with medals for successfully completing the spring semester. Kamden is so proud of his medal he wore it in the car on the way home and while we were outside playing before naptime. We also sent this picture to Daddy at work. We are so proud of you, Kamden Alan!

TLG Awards Day web use-17

This summer, Kamden will graduate to the Beasts class. We love The Little Gym and encourage everyone to visit for a free class – tell them Kamden sent you!