Y’all, I owe you an apology –

I haven’t posted in over a week, but I assure you everything’s well and dan-dee. I’ve just been really busy. I’ve also been a bit consumed with my Kindle Touch …. I never, ever, ever, EVER dreamt that I would enjoy it as much as I am. It’s addicting!

Excusing the fact my nose has been planted onto the Kindle, I wish I could say that my life is extraordinary and over-the-top and fabulous, but it’s not. Last week went by really quickly. As a matter of fact, where did February run off to? Seriously, March 1 is next week ….. scary stuff, y’all.

Anyway, moving on to the most important part of this blog post: Three 31 received a blog award ~ yay!!!!!!!

Miss Gracie over at Gracie Sam graciously provided the opportunity and I’m very honored to accept this ABC { Awesome Blog Content } Award. Instead of smothering you with a lousy acceptance speech, I’m going to share the ABC love …… here are my nominees (everybody wins ~ unlike The Oscars later tonight!):

To accept this award, simply add the ABC Award image to YOUR blog. Then, forward this award along to other blogs that make your skirt fly up.It’s really simple to put a smile on someone’s face. I guar-an-tee it.

Hugs, love, and smooches,


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Thanks, Y’all!!!!