Over the weekend, I received the coolest notification EVER …… Steel Magnolias & Sweet Tea is now following your blog!

Bless her sweet, little, tender heart!As far as I’m concerned, just reading her blog’s name proves she’s my kind of gal. Besides, who could resist Weezer or sipping sweet tea from a Mason jar?

I’m in love.

Anyway, she recently posted this and I admitted to her I would “borrow” this idea and create my own {Always.Sometimes.Never.} post. Here it is:

I always

  • drink sweet tea
  • say ‘yes’ to Husband
  • wear my seatbelt
  • sing at the top of my lungs when I’m alone
  • read before bed

I sometimes

  • think my life is a dream ….. then Husband farts
  • laugh at inappropriate times, making the moment even more awkward
  • wish I lived in Kentucky
  • eat icing out of the carton with a big spoon
  • exceed the speed limit
  • go to bed without washing my face or removing my contacts

I never

  • thought I would enjoy the Kindle Touch as much as I do
  • eat liver
  • consume dairy products (intentionally, that is)
  • forget my country roots

There you have it …. now it’s YOUR turn to share your Always.Sometimes.Never. post!

Happy Day,