Welcome to the new home of Three 31, I’m so glad you’re here!

Three 31 pink landscape{ photo from Unsplash }

The new design and hosting were made possible by my friend and tech-extraordinaire, Lisa D. at Port & Starboard, LLC. I wanted a simple, clean design and she delivered. Better yet, Lisa is a phone call, email, or text away for troubleshooting. Believe me, I have a LOT of questions!

I began blogging as a way to journal my thoughts as a newlywed and working professional. When I transitioned from corporate marketing to public education, I had time to blog and learn DSLR photography. When I became a mom in 2013, my priorities and schedule changed.

Even though I am a mom and blogger, I’m not a mommy blogger. Three 31 is most definitely a lifestyle blog, as chaotic or silly or messy it might be. I’ve taken breaks through the years but my extended absence in 2015 spurred the decision to invest in a personal domain and new design. I absolutely love my position at church, but I have to be intentional about separating work, home, family, and personal time. I thrive in fast-paced environments, but I cannot allow being busy to consume me. In fact, Three 31 Photography is on hold indefinitely. As crazy as it might sound, blogging relaxes me. With a Bible, pen and notebook, and my laptop, I can write with purpose and clarity.

Now that Three 31 is fresh and professional looking, I’m excited to blog again. I plan to post twice a week and learn iPhone photography, but I need YOU to keep me accountable!

If you have suggestions for a future post or just want to say hi, contact me here. Thank you for following Three 31 to its new home (nicolehutchison.com) and reading my stories of faith, family, food, and fun.


P.S. What should my next post be about?