This week, I’m volunteering in the church office while the staff person is on vacation. So far, I’ve answered a few phone calls and provided three families with meals from the food pantry. By doing this, I’ve had a distraction-free workplace and been able to format the church’s monthly newsletter and work on personal blog posts. Today, I plan to finish worship bulletins, an announcement sheet, and media slides for Sunday morning. Later this evening, I’m leading a contextual Bible study class.

I registered my blog on the Coast To Coast blog directory. I think it’s super-duper-fan-tabulous that bloggers all over the U.S. are registered. Last night, I found a blog from a girl in Evansville, Indiana (close to where I grew up) and several bloggers in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. What a great idea, thank you Shane at Whispering Sweet Nothings!!!!!

I found an opened bag of Skittles at the bottom of my over-sized L.L. Bean bag. I did the trusty-rusty smell test. Then I ate the colors of the rainbows … in this order: purple (yuck!), green (ewww!), yellow (blah!), orange, and red (YUM-O!).

The quest to fill 20 suitcases for the mission trip to Haiti officially began today. A very generous person ~ I won’t mention their name ~ delivered a box of condoms. That’s very thoughtful. Thank you.

My friend redesigned her blog. She’s hosting a celebratory giveaway. She rocks my socks and I’m tempted to get in the car and drive to Virginia Beach tonight to hug her neck.

I finished reading an e-book on my Kindle late Tuesday night (morning) and at 3:42am (GASP!) I realized I was reading 50 Shades ….book two … for the third time. Oh, Christian Grey.

Husband and I have gone to the gun range twice in two weeks to “shoooooooot summmthin.”
Actually, we’re shooting paper targets. But we act like nerds by using funny voices when talking about guns, ammo, and target practice. It’s a blast.

I’m going to Washington, D.C. next week.

Let me set the scene for you: I’m in my car with the windows down and the radio LOUD. At a red light, I’m singing a Jason Aldean song really LOUD. A truck pulls up beside me with its windows down too. The driver tunes his radio to the same station and cranks the volume up LOUD. I acknowledged our mutual likeness for country music finery with a nod and quickly sped away in my 4-cylinder Camry. Speedy McSpeedy, baby! Wait, was that guy flirting with me? ~OR~ do we both have great taste in music? ~OR~ was he trying to disguise my voice? Things that make you go HMMMMM.

I’m begging Husband for *TWO* Basset Hound puppies … name them Hatfield and McCoy.

This week, I joined a blogging network specifically for Southern Bloggers. HOLLA!

I will begin a blogger’s button swap on July 1. This is exciting stuff for someone who knows NOTHING about the inner-workings of a blog site and has zilch-zero-nada talent in the graphic design department. My button is really simple. BUT it was made using Photoshop. Import a picture ~ add a text box square ~ edit the font ~ VOILA! I know, my skillz are crazy-mad.

I am a comment-holic. I really like when people comment on my Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, blog posts, anything ~ basically ~ where someone else leaves their feedback. I like that. I like the connection. I wish people commented more. I really feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I have comment notifications. How sad am I?!

So, friend, what’s new with you?

Of course, I ask that question in hopes you’ll leave a comment.

Tee. Hee. Hee.