94 minutes

The time it takes to drive from Fort Worth to Waco, TX.

…….. or Louisville, KY to Cincinnati, OH

…….. bake 3-dozen cookies

…….. watch three episodes of Wheel of Fortune

…….. explain to my Mother how to attach a MS Word document to an email

I called her last night to get a family member’s address. Like normal, we digressed from one topic to the next while she read names and addresses to me. After the third address, I asked, “Is this a document you’ve typed on the computer or are you reading it from your address book?”

“It’s on the computer, I typed it all by myself!” she exclaimed so proudly!

Ninety-four minutes later ~ and don’t dare ask how ~ I received an email from my Mom with a Word.doc attached. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

My mom has many talents and abilities, none of which are technology-driven or related.

I love this about her.