I recently found a Facebook page called 52 Weeks of Mail. The idea is simple: nurture relationships and keep in touch with friends and loved ones. I also found this post that describes Katy’s journey in 2011, including this description of the writing challenge:

Send one piece of “real” mail each week. It can be a letter, a postcard, a care package, a thank you note, handmade art, etc. Gather lots of cards and stationery, plus pens, envelopes, lots of stamps (.28 & .44), a glue stick, unlined index cards (great for making postcards), and a few USPS Small Flat Rate boxes.

One of the items on my Bucket List for 2012 is to send more notes, cards, and letters via snail mail. God bless the U.S. Postal Services, right?! Seriously, I love sitting down with a lovely stationery set, a nice pen, and putting thoughts on paper. On the flip side, I love opening the mailbox to find a similar gift inside. Nothing screams “I value you so much that I sat down, ignored my to-do list for a while, and focused only on YOU to write this” like a handwritten letter.

In my quest to become more punctual about correspondance, I have also found (via blogs and Pinterest) free printable templates for greeting cards, note cards, and gift tags. There are some incredibly talented people on this earth, here are a few to get you started on the 52 Letters project:

Do you want to participate in the 52 Weeks, 52 Letters projects? It’s never too late, link up anytime and join the fun!!!!!

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Happy writing, Y’all!!!!