Kamden with two of his Chatbooks, documenting his first six years of life in pictures!!

It’s been 31 days since the new year/decade began and 16 days since I published this list of goals. Here is my progress:

To invest in myself personally I will …

Commit to Keto for six (6) months — I don’t remember the exact date I began this “diet” of no sugar, no caffeine, and no processed or starchy carbs. It was after Christmas but before New Years. What matters is that I’m now over a month into this lifestyle change of eating significantly lower carbs and increasing proteins. Honestly, the transition has been easier than I anticipated. I’ve never experienced “keto flu” or had sugar/caffeine withdrawal headaches, which I consider a major plus. The only intense craving I’ve had is meat, and I’m talking rare ribeye steaks!! Last week, I grilled three ribeye steaks then divided them (along with mashed cauliflower and roasted brocollini and asparagus) into six meals for lunch/dinner. I consider this a WIN for the month of January!!
Drink a minimum of 150 ounces of water every day — This goes along with my response above but I’m only drinking water … and a lot of it every day. Logging every bite into the CarbManager App is super helpful and keeping me accountable too.
Educate myself on the Enneagram (emotional intelligence)
Go to bed by 10pm nightly — Definitely a success here. I’m so tired. Getting Kamden to school every morning at 7:30am is tough on this Mama who loves to sleep in late!!
Read the Bible every day — Going mostly well. Some days I spend an hour or more in Scripture and other days my Bible doesn’t get outside of my bag. I’ll do better in February.
Update planner every day — With the exception of Saturday and Sunday, I’m updating my planner every morning as soon as I sit down at my desk. I’ve got so many irons in the fire right now that I’ve got to have a clear plan and task list before I can start my day.
Update prayer journal every day — This is not going as well as I had hoped but I’m getting better.
Read for 30 minutes a day — Mostly successful except for the nights I get into bed and can’t hold my eyes open. But 9 out of 10 nights I read an hour, sometimes two before finally convincing myself to turn off my phone and get much-needed sleep!!
Read one book every month
Build a capsule wardrobe
Keep the Christmas Cactus alive (a gift from Adrianne!!) — Y’all need to say a prayer for this plant.

To invest in myself professionally I will …

Delegate tasks to the Outreach Team — I’m surprising myself on how well (and quickly) I’ve delegated tasks to several people. Miss A is coordinating the food packers for our backpack ministry; Miss P is leading the charge our of outreach team; and Miss K and several others have divided tasks and responsibilities for the women’s event in March.
Enlist the help of someone to create graphics and social media content — Miss L and I will meet next week to discuss graphic needs for two large projects coming up, I’m so excited to have her assistance and add a unique perspective to the creative team!!
Attend at least two (2) leadership development conferences or creative retreats
Get away from my desk for a 15-20min walk daily — Unfortunately, this has not happened on a regular basis. I’m wondering though if I could walk around the block a time or two after I’ve parked my car in the school pick-up line. I normally read, catch up on emails, return phone calls, or read my Bible during this time, but I need to consider this!!
Connect with social media “gurus” in real life
Complete a tutorial or class on Adobe Illustrator

To invest in my family I will …

Have a lunch date with Husband once a month — Not once, but Husband and I had lunch together TWICE. Go us!!
Eat lunch with Kamden at school once a month
Meal plan every Saturday for the following week — Eeh. I’ll give myself a C-minus for January. There’s been a lot going on in the Hutchison Household this month: Kamden wants dinner by 5pm; I’m avoiding carbs; and, Husband doesn’t get home until 7:30pm or later thanks to a new work schedule. I’m cooking a lot because we’re all on different schedules, but that’s the reality of our lives right now. I meal-planned really well over Christmas break and then we had family from Kentucky visit two consecutive weeks and that always includes lots of meals eaten away from home.
Do a load of laundry, every other day — I am actually doing this A-N-D running the dishwasher more often.
Clean out closets and declutter
Unplug from my phone and social media 5-7pm
Go to Atlanta with YaYa (March)
Schedule a family vacation (June or July)
Schedule a trip to Kentucky for the Thompson family reunion (August)
Order all those Chatbooks of Kamden’s photos — I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED TO FINALLY BE ABLE TO SAY THIS IS D-O-N-E!!!!!!!!! My main motivation for sharing this goal update was for THIS announcement!! How sad is it that I had to order six books documenting Kamden’s first six years of life?! But they’re here and they’re amazing and we have spent hours reminiscing through all the photos.
Purchase a TV stand for the living room and new dining room furniture — I purchased a rug for the living room and I really like how it brightened the space. I’m still searching for a TV stand and dining room set though.
Take more photos as a couple and family
Get our wills done

To invest in others I will …

Complete the FLOURISH mentoring program with five young ladies — Month One is in the books!! This is going to be an incredible journey with Courtney, Sarah, Kayla, Hannah, and Sami. I’m proud of these ladies for committing to a year-long mentoring program. We met as a group mid-January so I could get a “pulse” of what they thought of the material, commitment, and program expectations. I think the next 11 months are going to be incredible for all of us!!
Schedule a girls’ getaway
Send at least two “snail mail” notes each month — IF:Joshua is March 6-7 so I’ve sent lots of invites to women and teen girls in the area. I also mailed 25 thank-you cards to the folks who helped me with the church’s Facebook Live project reading The Gospel of Luke.

There ya go, January. You seem like the longest month in the history of ever but I can officially say … one down, eleven to go.