January seemed to creep like the tortoise while February whizzed by like the hare. Regardless, we’re two months into 2020 and here’s the progress I made the last 29 days:

To invest in myself personally I will …

Commit to Keto for six (6) months — I had a major setback the third week of February while I was out of town at a church conference but it was my own fault for choosing to eat a burrito bowl with rice and beans at Chipolte for lunch then followed that with fried pickles and onion rings at dinner. Needless to say, I felt the bloat and BLAH for a week. It took me a while to “detox” from the carb overload, but I’m getting back on track. Slowly.
Drink a minimum of 150 ounces of water every day — Some days are better than others but I only drink water and occasionally I’ll drink Topo Chico, which is a sparkling mineral water.
Educate myself on the Enneagram (emotional intelligence) — The first Enneagram Profile Test I took said I was a 3. My sister-from-another-mister Jenny insists I’m a 2. What if I’m a mixture of all of them!? For real … what’s one to do in this situation?!
Go to bed by 10pm nightly — Doing pretty well with this one too, except I spent a few nights in the guest bedroom because Husband’s snoring was out of control during a sinus infection. Sweet Lord Baby Jesus, he reached decibals I hadn’t heard before. Bless his heart!!
Read the Bible every day — Nope. I didn’t read my Bible every day.
Update planner every day — Yes!! I am still updating my planner most mornings before I begin the day at work. This is my opportunity to “brain dump” everything I am thinking about and create a clean task list for the day. It’s really been helpful to keep me focused and then, on the days where I feel like I didn’t accomplish much, I revisit my list and realize I did complete things.
Update prayer journal every day — This is not happening. At all.
Read for 30 minutes a day — Mostly successful.
Read one book every month
Build a capsule wardrobe
Keep the Christmas Cactus alive (a gift from Adrianne!!) — It’s still green, That’s a good sign, right?!

To invest in myself professionally I will …

Delegate tasks to the Outreach Team — I am incredibly proud of myself for this specific goal. I am delegating tasks left and right, specifically for the backpack ministry and women’s conference happening the first weekend of March.
Enlist the help of someone to create graphics and social media content — Miss L completed several Easter event graphics that saved me a bunch of time and we’ll be getting together soon to talk more projects she can do!!
Attend at least two (2) leadership development conferences or creative retreats — Getting out of the office (out of town) for a couple of days to worship, learn, and recharge my creative and spiritual batteries is just what I needed when I attended C3 Conference at Fellowship Church in Grapevine. Not only does the event refresh my spirit, but I got to learn from some of my favorite Christian speakers, including: Ed & Lisa Young, Louie Gigilo, Priscilla Shirer, and Bishop TD Jakes. Plus, I got to hear from folks I didn’t know before this event but BLEW ME AWAY nonetheless, specifically Phil Dooley (love his Australian accent!!) and Charles Nieman. The one and only book I purchased was Nieman’s “Burn the White Flag” and reminded me to never – EVER – give up. His message was powerful. Perhaps I should do a “recap” of the event and share some of my notes. Would you like to read that?!
Get away from my desk for a 15-20min walk daily — Did not happen in February.
Connect with social media “gurus” in real life — I’m becoming more and more connected with Ryan Wakefield (Church Marketing University), Katie Allred (Church Communications Facebook Group), and Marcy Carrico (That Church Conference). These three are FORCES in the church communications world and I am blessed by their willingness to share their experiences.
Complete a tutorial or class on Adobe Illustrator

To invest in my family I will …

Have a lunch date with Husband once a month — Husband and I had three day dates in February!!
Eat lunch with Kamden at school once a month
Meal plan every Saturday for the following week — Eeh. I’m not doing great at this. I’ve got to become more intentional of writing down meal plans and a grocery list instead of going willy-nilly with no direction.
Do a load of laundry, every other day — Eeh, this didn’t happen every other day but I’m getting better.
Clean out closets and declutter
Unplug from my phone and social media 5-7pm
Go to Atlanta with YaYa (March)
Schedule a family vacation (June or July)
Schedule a trip to Kentucky for the Thompson family reunion (August)
Order all those Chatbooks of Kamden’s photos — Completed in January!!
Purchase a TV stand for the living room and new dining room furniture
Take more photos as a couple and family
Complete our wills

To invest in others I will …

Complete the FLOURISH mentoring program with five young ladies — Month Two is done and I had to spend some time catching up where I got behind from being out of town. Not only am I proud of the girls and myself for committing to this process, but I’ve been talking about the Flourish materials with other church leaders and they are excited about beginning a mentor program in their faith community!!
Schedule a girls’ getaway
Send at least two “snail mail” notes each month

Adios February!!