Hello, January.

Goodbye, January!

This has been the longest month in the history of ever? No? Just me? Okay.

Before I get to the goals I was able to accomplish in the first 31 days of 2019, I’ve got to give a huge shout-out to my favorite drone pilot and shenanigan stirrer, Garrett for the AMAZING photo above. He does incredible work with first responders and local agencies, as well as capture amazing photographs from hundreds of feet above the ground.

Faith Development

Read the Bible in a year (using this planOff to a decent start!
Memorize one Bible verse a month
Attend worship every Sunday Yes, yes, yes, and yes.
Participate in a weekly Bible study The new study started yesterday (January 30) so I will consider this a success for the goal list!
Give sacrificially to the Cultivate stewardship campaign


Day date with Husband every month
Setup our wills
Kiss every day


Louisville, KY — National Farm Machinery Show
Denver, CO
San Antonio, TX
Visit the Fort Worth Zoo once a month
Visit the Perot Museum in Dallas
Visit LegoLand in Grapevine
Visit Crayola Experience in Plano
Visit SeaLife Aquarium in Grapevine

Personal Care

ZERO phone use 4-7pm This is proving to be VERY difficult. Much more so than I realized, but I’m being intentional about setting my phone in the bedroom if I’m in the kitchen or living room and ignoring the rings, dings, and beeps as much as possible. Settings like silent and airplane mode are lifesavers!
Spend 60-90 minutes every Friday planning for the following week This has not happened and my planner (and productivity) are suffering for it. I noticed last Monday my week started discombobulated and I honestly believe it was partly because I had failed to do any prep work the days before. I really – REALLY – must make this a priority every Friday and review the week ahead on Sunday.
Listen to a podcast
Build a capsule wardrobe Surprisingly, I’m working on this. I know, Miss Anti-Fashion-Sense is working on her wardrobe. Who am I!?
Practice brush lettering
Declutter my Gmail inbox
Try 5 new-to-me restaurants

Missional Motherhood

Complete one creative page in Kamden’s LEGACY BIBLE every month I celebrated #NationalHandwritingDay (January 23) by sharing my first letter to Kamden in his Legacy Bible. I didn’t know where to start – there was no rhyme or reason – but I found myself in 1 Samuel 1 with one of my Biblical mom mentors, Hannah.
Create a library of chapter books
Mom & Me Date once a month Kamden and I may have found the Tinsel Capital of Texas at Campo Verde Tex-Mex Restaurant in Arlington. This place is decked out in Christmas decor all year long, but we went for lunch on January 7, before Kamden went back to school.
Mom & Me photo session with Becky
Create photo albums (starting at birth)
Fill in Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal
Improve toy storage situation in the living room
Create a chore chart and system for earning, giving, saving, and spending money


Meet-up with Girl Tribe quarterly
Lunch with Courtney every six weeks
Be a good neighbor
Regularly invite others into our home
Attend Women of Joy in San Antonio (September 2019)

Home Life

Meal plan every month (create a shopping list and stick to it) This has turned into the biggest cluster … a failure, chaotic mess, and plum ridiculousness. Did you know it’s possible to FAIL at meal planning even though you’ve got dish names on Post-Its in your planner? Yeah, my planner menu and reality menu were NOTHING alike this month. 
Maintain a clean(er) living space
Complete the 30-day Declutter Like A Mother by Allie Casazza
Complete the 31-day Simplicity Challenge by Emily Ley
Make homemade bone broth
Use the InstaPot regularly
Prepare a freezer meal each month to share with someone in need or consume the following month


Continue “Thursday Tidbits” Yes, yes, yes, and yes!
Share one faith-based post a month
Share a page in Kamden’s legacy Bible once a month January 23.
Post a Living Well Planner progress report every month January 18.
Write 5 book/product reviews MomUp Book — January 4.


Attend professional development webinar or live event quarterly
Host a women’s event
Host a community event January 16, Joshua Chamber Quarterly Lunch.
Build a social media team
Create an administrative structure and communication plan for the outreach team
Furnish and organize my office by enlisting the help of someone who’s gifted in budget-friendly design
Simplify worship guide, connect card, and attendance binder
Mail a handwritten thank-you note to an unpaid servant every Monday This is another “great intent but zero result” item. I’ve got to do better! I’ve got to redeem myself!
Streamline and redesign the weekly e-newsletter
Coordinate a staff retreat getaway January 26, we had a staff and laity retreat at Glen Lake Camp with worship, reflection, planning, devotional, and a time for discernment as we move forward into 2019. Overall, it was a wonderful day of putting our minds together for the sake of building God’s Kingdom right here in Joshua, Texas. Exciting things are happening here!
Dedicate 60 minutes a week to learning a website-related task
Create an internship program for college students (preferably a marketing/journalism major!)
Attend monthly Joshua Chamber Board meetings

Regain Control of my Physical Health

ZERO eating after 8pm
Make healthier food choices (drastically reduce sugar and carbs)
Go to the gym regularly
Go to one group fitness class per week
Lower my LDL cholesterol level from 115 to 95
Lose 30/40/50 pounds
Get at least 7 hours of sleep

Daily Five

1. Spend 5 minutes praying for Husband and Kamden
2. Spend 5 minutes to send an encouraging text to 3 people
3. Spend 5 minutes picking up house
4. Spend 5 minutes on bedtime routine (multivitamin and probiotic, wash my face, and remove contacts)
5. Drink 100 ounces of water and one cup of grape juice every day

In 2019 I will NOT purchase any type of writing utensil. (Wish me luck!)

I did not purchase a single writing utensil in January, but there was no shortage of temptation. It’s amazing how often ads pop up from retailers (cough…Amazon…cough) nowadays. Not today, Satan, not today! I’m keeping this goal!

Currently Reading

Letters to the Church by Frances Chan