I intended to make this list shorter than previous ones but that’s impossible with an optimistic attitude and hopeful spirit. I have once again divided my resolutions into broad topics, including goals for myself, goals that will enrich or benefit others, and goals that are just for fun. I am also including a list of items that I need or want to do MORE of. Similar to years past, I will also set monthly goals to enhance the experience. I have big hopes for the new year. So, in 2016, I will strive to achieve:


Participate in the Read Scripture project
Keep a prayer journal, such as this one
Write a few sentences every day in a journal (I already have one of these.)
Read the Bible … again (using this plan)
Learn “Inductive Bible Study” and attend a PUP course
Create one Bible Journaling page a month
Finish Believe study
Forgive “S” because holding a grudge is weighing me down
Walk/Jog/Run in the Wicked Wine 5K with Mom-Tribe on March 26
Get photos printed and display in our home
Utilize health coach and benefits (i.e. pedometer, reimbursements, etc.)
Wear size 16 pants


Lead this Bible study
Start a small group
Host a meal with Mom-Tribe every month
Continue writing for Sweet Jesus Ministries
Potty train Kamden
Move Kamden to a big bed
Take Kamden on a train
Celebrate Husband’s 40th birthday
Donate unwanted books


Find three hobbies: one to make money, one to stay in shape, and one to be creative
Host “Games with Friends” and play this, this, this, this and this!
Use Skype
Photo editing “workshop” with Becky
Sell the Camry
Save money earned from photography sessions to invest in new equipment
Publish a blog series
Go on a family vacation
Create my family tree with Ancestry dot com


Dates with Husband
Housekeeping and organization
Rounds of golf
Snail mail
Meal planning (helpful printable)


January – Log 1,000 minutes of exercise for the #SJM1000MinuteChallenge.