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Every Monday, I publish whatever is on my mind -consider it a smorgasbord of thoughts and randomness- as a way to clear my head and prepare for the next week ahead. By doing so, I hope to calm the chaos and organize the scattered. Cheers to 2015 and blessings to you!

monday musings

Traveled to Ennis for the Bluebonnet Festival last Saturday and took some pictures of Kamden in a field of bluebonnets with three antique John Deere tractors.

Along with my homemade toner, I want to make this DIY serum.

I’m officially crowning myself as the world’s worst meal planner, but I really want to make sweet corn and chicken enchiladas and shredded beef enchiladas.

A great reminder that our body is a holy temple for God.

I learned last night, while watching the Academy of County Music (#ACM) Awards Show, that Kelly Clarkson is married to Reba McEntire’s step-son, Brandon Blackstock. Both Kelly and Brandon graduated from Burleson High School. Brandon is also Blake Shelton’s manager. I had no idea of all of this until Kelly presented her mother-in-law, Reba, with a special award. I think it’s wonderful and cool and can’t imagine the conversations around the Thanksgiving dinner table. I have a bone to pick with Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan though. While I thought they did great hosting the show, I really expected them to do something stupid or silly. But the two country superstars actually behaved themselves …. unless they did something stupid or silly in the half-hour I missed giving Kamden a bath and putting him to bed.

I do not, repeat DO NOT, get the infatuation with Lily Pulitizer and the chaos that ensued in Target stores across the country yesterday. It’s just stuff, people. Stuff. I don’t understand Black Friday shopping either.

Last Friday, Kamden lost a shoe in the grocery store somewhere between the meat department and produce section. I didn’t realize it until this sweet lady stopped me and told me she saw his shoe in front of the fresh chicken case, but when I returned to get it someone had picked it up. Imagine my surprise when Chelsea, a cashier at the grocery store and member at church, brought his sandal to me on Sunday!

As if my life weren’t crazy and busy enough, I’ve joined an online ministry team as a contributing writer. Stay tuned for more details as we build our site and share our hearts, this is going to be really great stuff – I’m so excited to work with J and C!

As of yesterday, April 19, Kamden is 16 months old. That makes me incredibly happy, yet incredibly sad. What happened to my chubby-wubby, everything’s round Chunky Monkey? Husband and I are also discussing options for pre-school. We’re not looking for child care, we don’t want a babysitter. Rather, we want Kamden to be in a school setting that’s safe and engaging with excellent teachers, challenging curriculum, and based on Christian values. Of course, when Kamden starts school I expect myself to return to the workforce. The thought makes me cry, and I did last Friday night, but the pressure I put on myself and the stress and anxiety I have is premature, irrational, and obnoxious. I want Kamden to stay little but he’s becoming an independent man-child. Husband says this is why couples have more children, to enjoy the baby stage longer. But we all know that idea is NOT happening …. or possible since I had my tubes tied. Honestly, I don’t want more children, I just want Kamden. I want him to stay little forever but I can’t wait to hear his first word, watch him play sports, or meet the girl of his dreams. A tear just hit the laptop keyboard and I need a tissue. Don’t mind me, I’m a blabbering, crying, hot mess of a mother right now.

I recently updated my resume and it feels so awkward to self-promote and sound appealing on paper. Potential employers are probably reading this blog too, bless their sweet little hearts. 🙂

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