Irish Luck. { Kamden’s THREE MONTH update }


Three months … really? I can’t believe it’s been three months since our Little Big Man made his debut into the world. It’s been a fun 13 weeks, who knows what he’ll do next. February and March can be summed up in two words: FAMILY TIME. My mom’s sisters came to Texas for a week to meet Kamden and, a week later, my mom came to stay with us and take care of Kamden while I recovered from surgery. It was great to have Kentucky family visiting in Texas, as well as extra time with Husband and Kamden. It was also fun celebrating Kamden’s first Saint Patrick’s Day. After sleeping a glorious 11 hours, I pinched his chubby cheeks the morning of St. Paddy’s Day because he wasn’t wearing green. He smiled his signature, toothless grin that melted my heart. Of course, I had the perfect shirt for his monthly pictures!


Dear Kamden, just like Mommy and Daddy predicted, you are growing by leaps and bounds. You had your two month check-up on February 28 with Doctor J and, once again, he said you were thriving. At birth, you weighed 7lbs-10ozs and were 20 inches long. At your last appointment, you weighed 13lbs, 13ozs and were 23 inches long. You’ve nearly doubled your birth weight! Your belly button has healed too. It’s now completely recessed and you have an in-y instead of an out-y.

Mommy’s milk does your body good .
You have the chubby cheeks, big belly, and rolly-polly thighs to prove it!


Mommy is a pumping machine because you demand her to be! Her goal in February was to collect one extra bottle (6ozs) each day for 28 days to build a supply. She did better than that because, by the end of the month, there were 49 bags of breast milk in the freezer. You drank some of the stored milk on March 4 when Mommy had surgery to remove her gallbladder and get her tubes tied (so you would stay an only child). Daddy and Nana C took great care of you while Mommy “pumped and dumped” and recovered. You were a rock star, though, because you didn’t seemed phased at all by the events.

Mommy and Daddy suspect you went through a mini growth spurt because you were an eating machine for a couple of days. For two consecutive days and nights, you ate the usual six but then whined, cried, and fussed until Mommy gave you more. Total, you drank 8ozs. That seemed like a lot (because it was!) but you transitioned back to 6ozs at each feeding the third day like nothing had happened. At your check-up appointment, Doctor J gave Mommy and Daddy the go-ahead to give you water if you wanted more during a feeding – instead of excess calorie-intake from Mommy’s milk. The next day, we gave you an ounce of water to see how you’d react. You made a funny face during the first sip and that was the extent of your amusement. You didn’t NOT like it, but you weren’t too impressed either. Since this trial, we’ve had no reason to give you water, so we are refraining. For now.

No one can say you’re malnourished because, Sweet Child of Ours, you are a big, hefty, strong boy! You’ve officially transitioned into size 2 diapers. At three months, you’re wearing socks for 12-24 month olds. As for clothes, you’re all over the map. Depending on the brand, you’re wearing tops that are sizes 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months. Your chunky legs haven’t quite caught up to your upper body because you wear bottoms that are sizes 6 months and 12 months. Basically, you’re built like an ox with wide shoulders and chest and have short legs. But Mommy loves you!

One Sunday morning, Mommy dressed you in her favorite outfit: dark blue jeans and turquoise polo shirt. Daddy said you looked like Dapper Dan!



While Nana C was visiting, she bought you a new wardrobe from the clearance racks at Kohls. She and Mommy went through the sale to find you larger clothes since the majority of what you had at home was too small. Since your last monthly update, Mommy has had to “weed” through your closet to remove items that are too small. Right now, there are two large diaper boxes completely FULL of clothes you’ve either outgrown or never worn and the tags are still attached. This summer, Mommy’s organizing these clothes by size and season in order to sell or give away to friends with baby boys.

Despite your rapid growth, at least you’re getting to wear a variety of things thanks to the crazy, bipolar weather. One day you’re wearing long sleeves and fleece to stay warm and the next day you’re wearing short-sleeves to stay cool. Welcome to Texas, kid, it’s a hot and cold roller coaster!

As much as you love car rides, Mommy is considering opening a taxi service for you two to operate together. You and Mommy went to DFW International Airport and picked up two great aunts, Georgia and Kathy. Mommy’s never seen them more excited to meet another human! Even though you were sound asleep when they arrived, you greeted them wearing a shirt that said, “Coolest Nephew Ever.” They spent a week with us covering you in Kentucky kisses and spoiling you rotten. You proved, over and over, that you’re the best baby in the whole world. We went to the George W. Bush Presidential Center on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Downtown Dallas and a museum in Fort Worth. Mommy pushed you around in the stroller while you snoozed. You even slept through multiple visits to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen for lunch!


A week later, Mommy took the aunties to DFW Airport then drove to Dallas Love Field to pick up Nana C. You and Daddy stayed home for quiet ‘boy time’ alone. This was probably more for Daddy’s benefit than yours. Mommy and Nana C ate at Pappadeaux’s before coming home to see you. Yes, Mommy ate at Pappadeaux’s five times in two weeks …. she might have a problem!


SLEEP IS AN AMAZING THING and you’re doing it beautifully, both day and night. You snooze 45 minutes to an hour before noon and take a long nap (two to three hours) in the afternoon. Sometimes you’ll sneak a cat-nap during the evening, usually while Mommy and Daddy are eating supper, before your bath and last bottle. Because you’re such a great sleeper at night, Mommy and Daddy don’t mind. Until this week, the majority of your naps took place in your rocker-swing but you’re outgrowing it quickly. Over the weekend, you napped on the couch, in your Pack N Play (which is Mommy’s most desired location for your sleep activities) and Mommy’s recliner. Yep, you’ve taken over the leather recliner and Mommy doesn’t mind a bit!


Mommy and Daddy tried a sleep training method last weekend. In the past, you’ve been falling asleep on Mommy after your last bottle and sleeping for 30-45 minutes. As soon as she put you in the Pack N Play, you’d wake up. Now, a few minutes after you’re done with the bottle, Mommy puts you in the Pack N Play. You fuss, sometimes a lot, but you’re getting better. It’s not exactly the “cry it out” method, but we are letting you fuss in three to five minute increments, calming and replacing your pacifier, then leaving the room. The first night, we repeated this three times. The second night, twice. On the third day, for your afternoon nap, Mommy put you down and you fussed on and off for 15 minutes before finally going to sleep for almost THREE hours. You put up a good fight, sweet babe, but you’re learning that sleep is divine.

Nightly bath time has become a sacred ritual with Mommy and Daddy. We give you a bath between 7:30 and 8:30pm, depending on your mood, wakefulness, and how well you’ve slept throughout the day. By 9:00 or 9:30, Mommy has massaged you with lotion and dressed you in pajamas. Every night, Mommy feeds you in the glider chair in your nursery. All lights are off except a nightlight in your room so Mommy can see. You finish your last bottle within 30 minutes and Mommy holds you, snuggles you, and watches you sleep before putting you in the Pack N Play. She says it’s so your belly will settle and you won’t spit up, but she really adores the cuddle session! You’re in the Pack N Play between 10:00 and 10:30pm, probably late for a little guy your size, but you’ve been sleeping 10-12 hours. Some nights you wake up for a feeding, which Mommy satisfies with her freshly pumped liquid gold!

According to your development chart, you are right on track. Your eyes are brighter and able to focus and follow objects or faces that move. You recognize Mommy’s and Daddy’s voice. When you make eye-contact with someone, you smile a huge, toothless grin! During play time, Mommy puts your changing pad on the floor and the activity mat on top. You like the comfy cushion rather than the hard floor. On your back, you’ll kick your legs and grab the stuffed animals above your head. To build your strength, Mommy’s been “bicycling” your legs. You’re still not a huge fan of tummy time, but you’ll tolerate it for a few minutes and lift your head off the support pillow. You are infatuated with the TV and its bright colors and movements. Daddy put together your activity center, but you’ve got some growing to do before you’re totally ready for that. In the meantime, Mommy bought you a new rocker recliner (that’s pint-size!) and a Bebe baby seat. It should be fun to watch you transition into these new items, Mommy will take lots of pictures for your next monthly update!


With all the estrogen you’ve been around the past few weeks, Daddy has rescued you for periods of quiet solitude and boys-only time. Daddy says there’s an imaginary box around the two of you and girls aren’t allowed inside. You love sitting in Daddy’s lap. He tickles your chins and cheeks, which makes you laugh, and you make the biggest grin when he says “ham and cheese.” It’s not uncommon for Mommy to find both of you sound asleep.

Speaking of Daddy, it looks as if you inherited the inevitable balding head of hair. At three months, your tiny locks are falling out and your hair line is receding. If the hairlines of your father and grandfathers are any indication, son, you’re in trouble! The photo below was taken on your birth day with Daddy (left), Paw-Paw Hutchison (center), and Granddaddy Edwards (right). You were born with more hair than all three of these men combined, but you’re catching up quick! You currently have a bald spot on the back of your head where you lay to sleep.


Just recently, you’ve discovered your little big hands and began sucking and licking your fingers and wrists. It may be a combination of hunger cues and exploring new territory because you do it before and after feeding. At least you’re not a thumb-sucker!!! You’ve also become Mister Drool Face and have started blowing spit bubbles. Hopefully this is just a fun transition and not the extra-early signs of teething.

Bath time!!! Mommy fills your tub with warm water and soap bubbles, while Daddy undresses you. At first, you lay real still while Mommy washes your hair. It’s the calm before the storm. Once you start kicking, squirming, and splashing water, you don’t want to stop! Some nights, you’ll splash more than half of the water out and Mommy fills it back up again. When your splashing slows down, you start to relax and get quiet, signaling that you’re ready to get out. Daddy holds you while Mommy carefully rinses off the soap suds, then we wrap you in a big towel and carry you to the bed to dry you off. Mommy loves to massage you with lotion afterwards. Once dressed in pajamas, it’s time for your last bottle and bedtime.

Ham and Cheese — It’s the most random thing, but you crack the biggest smile so Mommy and Daddy continue to say it. We’ll do anything for that toothless grin of yours!

Car rides — Last week, Mommy drove to the post office, about a mile from the house, and you were sound asleep by the time we got back home. This happens every time you get in a vehicle!

You were not a fan of the immunization shots at the doctor’s office, but you did well. You screamed real loud one time and then you were done. Daddy held you while the nurse poked your legs and Mommy waited with a bottle in hand.


Not a fan of shots.

You detest being left alone! You’re happy and content as long as you can see somebody. Mommy and Daddy made the mistake of being out of your sight and you threw a fit! Mommy was in the kitchen preparing your next bottle and Daddy was putting away your clean clothes. Once you realized you were alone in the living room, you let out the most pitiful, pathetic whimper! You can’t fool us though, you’ve still not shed a tear.

When it’s time to eat, you have no patience. You want your bottle NOW!

Mister Drool, Handsome Guy, Little Old Man

February 21 — You slept nine hours straight! Mommy woke up in a panic and rushed into your room to make sure you were still alive. You moaned when she touched your chest and face but went right back to sleep.

February 22 — met two great aunts, Georgia and Kathy, for the first time

February 28 — weighed 13lbs-13ozs and 23 inches long; received first round of immunization shots

March 1 — slept 11 hours straight (awesome!) but woke up SUPER HUNGRY (not so awesome!)

March 17 — celebrated first St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green


Dear Kamden,
You’re growing up right before my very eyes. I want to slow you down, but I get too excited watching you explore and discover new things on a daily basis. I thought my world was falling apart the week after my surgery and I could not lift or carry you. But Mommy is a rule breaker. By day two of post-op, I had you in my arms while sitting on the couch. Thank goodness for Daddy and Nana C. They took great care in attending to both of our needs. I thought Nana C was going to kiss the skin right off your head though, she could not get enough of your sweetness! Since I could not kneel beside the tub, Daddy and Nana C gave you a bath each night. Nana C also massaged warm lotion all over your clean body before dressing you in pajamas. When it was time for your bedtime feeding, you did wonderful with Nana C. She repeated our routine perfectly and you went to sleep easily.

I still giggle at your grunts, moans, and groans while you sleep. The other night, you woke me up with your old man noises and farts. I thought for sure you’d wake yourself up, but you kept snoozing right along! Even though I spend a couple of hours pumping in the wee hours of the night, I live for mornings when I walk into your room and you’re lying in your Pack N Play awake, smiling up at me. Your toothless grin literally melts my heart. My love for you knows no bounds and my heart is overflowing with joy because I get to be your Mommy. Parenthood is emotional and I’m the first to shed happy tears!

Thirteen weeks … three months … and life with you keeps getting better and better. Here’s to the next month of adventures, what are you going to do next? I suspect you’ll get stronger in holding up your upper body and maybe even roll over by the time I post your next monthly update. Don’t make a fool of me, kiddo!


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  1. Celeste Zachry March 18, 2014 at 6:05 am - Reply

    You will be so glad you are recording all this NOW, when he’s grown. Thanks for sharing him with us.

    • Nicole March 18, 2014 at 6:44 am - Reply

      Awwww, thank you Auntie Celeste! Thank you for loving US so much too!!!!

  2. pmoppins March 18, 2014 at 8:26 am - Reply

    What a sweet journal for your boy. 🙂 Cliche alert: they grow up so fast. Enjoy the moment.

  3. Michelle @ Mind of Meesh March 18, 2014 at 9:48 am - Reply

    He is so cute! Good job on sticking with pumping!

    • Nicole March 18, 2014 at 9:54 am - Reply

      Thanks, Michelle. Despite what a lot of people say, breastfeeding and pumping has come really easily to me. I know I’m blessed and super lucky, as it can be difficult and nearly impossible for some women, but Kamden and I (plus Daddy’s support) make a great team!!!

  4. Emily Humphries March 18, 2014 at 10:10 am - Reply

    Seriously just want to hold him what a cute little chubby baby. Can’t believe he’s already this old wow they grow so fast.

    • Nicole March 18, 2014 at 10:47 am - Reply

      I know, right!?!? Three months gone in an instant. The cheeks kill me, I love this kid. HAHA!!!!!

  5. Jennifer March 18, 2014 at 10:32 am - Reply

    Those adorable chubby cheeks!! I could just eat him up!!

    • Nicole March 18, 2014 at 10:48 am - Reply

      I know, Jennifer, these cheeks are the best. As are his LONGGGG eyelashes!!!!

  6. Cassie March 18, 2014 at 11:24 am - Reply

    Those cheeks! You have a very handsome little fella there.

    • Nicole March 18, 2014 at 11:37 am - Reply

      Thanks Cassie! The cheeks, eyelashes, and toothless grin keep me in stitches. I’m wrapped around his big little fingers!!!!!

  7. Oh Nicole, he’s so handsome! What a gorgeous little face 🙂 I loved reading your journal and find myself nodding or ooohhhh-ing while doing so. Such amazing time in his/your lives. I can’t believe that he gave you an 11 hour stretch!! That’s phenomenal. He’s looking dapper in his outfits and has such beautiful eyes! Hope you are recovering well from delivery and surgery xo

    • Nicole March 20, 2014 at 7:17 pm - Reply

      Thanks, Emily! This little guy is a rock star and definite keeper. He’s averaging 10-11 hours straight at night, plus an hour or two nap in the afternoons. If you put him the car, it’s lights out. His smile, those eyelashes, and chubby cheeks and thighs melt my heart.

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