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What a week ….. and it’s only Wednesday.

Last night, I was at an important meeting until 11:00pm. I didn’t eat supper so this morning I’m famished. I broke my Lent commitment and got a Route 44 sweet tea from Sonic on my way to school. {fail, Nicole, epic fail} I ate not one, but TWO packages of peanut butter crackers like I was going to the electric chair.

This afternoon, I have faculty and staff meeting plus state testing training. As soon as I get home, Husband and I would appreciate a hot meal. He’s asked for breakfast, which I’m happy to prepare. Bacon, sausage, and pancakes make everybody happy. After supper, but before cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floor (again), I have to prepare the filling for rattlesnake bites that I’m taking to tomorrow (Thursday) morning’s 8th grade parent meeting in the school library (budget is tight so teachers are bringing the refreshments).

Tomorrow is more insane. I’ll get up really early (around 4:30am) to bake the rattlesnake bites (even with two ovens and large baking pans, it takes a while to assemble and bake 40+ pieces) and make the presentation all nice and neat because I’m OCD and impressions are important to me but it won’t make a hill-of-beans difference to anybody and it’s a waste of my time (sigh). I’ll teach my lessons and try to be the best language arts teacher I can be. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon that I don’t want to discuss. Then, oh sweet Jesus, my mom is arriving at our house sometime after 6:00pm. Bless her sweet little heart, she’s leaving Kentucky at the butt-crack of dawn, en route with lots of garden goodies, jowl bacon, and my grandmother’s crystal glassware. {insert panic and stress here} My house is only partially ready for her arrival: the guest bed is clean, but the floors have not been vacuumed. If she steps foot in our master bedroom and bath, I might die. There is laundry on top of the dryer that needs to be put away. Husband did an incredible job cleaning out the garage last weekend (I love him to pieces) but I’ve dropped the ball on the inside. Oh, and the toilets need to be cleaned and the guest bathroom tidied up.

Welcome to Wednesday, when is nap time?


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  1. Stephanie March 6, 2013 at 9:00 am - Reply

    I’m exhausted and overwhelmed just READING that.

  2. Julie March 6, 2013 at 9:06 am - Reply

    Not the same kind of stress that you are up against, but I DO know how you feel. I am overwhelmed pretty much every time I walk into my apartment these days – a bomb has truly blown up! But keep your chin up it will all work out….doesn’t it always?!?! : ) On the plus side, you get to spend quality time with your mama and in my book there is nothing quite like that. Big Hugs, Julie

  3. Lucy Dowings March 6, 2013 at 9:08 am - Reply

    Remember, your mom is coming to see you and not your house. It’s ok. Your life is busy. She may just help clean. That’s what Moms do. Love you. Have a blessed day.

  4. Helen (@EatEnjoyLive) March 6, 2013 at 10:12 am - Reply

    I’m exhausted just reading this Nicole! You know there will be wonderful quality time at the end of it though. Praying you get some time to rest this weekend.

  5. Jody Boydston-Johnson March 6, 2013 at 8:30 pm - Reply

    Breathe, Nicole, breathe…deep breaths… I agree with Lucy, your mom won’t care. We all want to be the perfect daughter, the perfect teacher, the perfect hostess, the perfect spouse, the perfect friend, but life is not perfect and it is OK, really. In fact, it is better that OK. It is glorious just to be alive. I thank God for YOU and your crazy busy life. I am sure you and your mom are going to have a fabulous time while she is here. Enjoy!

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