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Sunday Social

Favorite childhood books were …

Oh! The Places You’ll Go by Dr.Seuss for its inspiration and honesty, plus the author’s quirky rhyming. I actually have two copies of this book, one that my Aunt Georgia gave me as a little girl (because she is awesome and has always encouraged me to read) and I received the second copy as a high school graduation gift. I hold both in the highest regards.

I also love Where the Red Fern Grows about a young boy who trains two hunting dogs, Old Dan and Little Ann. If you have dogs, you’d understand. Growing up, my dad raised bird dogs and we’d go hunting together. One summer, one of them had a litter of 13 puppies. For weeks, I was in puppy heaven. Every evening after supper, I’d beg Mom or Dad to take me outside and I’d bring an armful of puppies into the house to play. Like puppies do, they grew quickly. Of course, I got attached to all of them. When one died of natural causes, I was heartbroken. A few days later, my Dad bought me a copy of this book and told me to read it. I did and I cried. There is something sacred about man’s relationship to dog.

My favorite *RECENTLY* read book is …

You really have to ask? I’ll make this easy for you — it begins with 50 and ends with Shades. You can read all about my “first time” HERE.

The book I wish I could live in real life …

Ummmm, 50 Shades of course. I could live the uber-rich lifestyle of private jets, Audi sports cars, and penthouse suites. I’ve not met a helicopter I didn’t like, so I’m sure Charlie Tango would suit my fancy. My dairy-free taste buds could survive on chilled champagne and black cod. It would be tough, but I know I could do it. Bring it on, Grey. Bring. It. On. Sir.

If I could be any character from a book, it would be …

Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love. She chose happiness instead of letting society “norms” dictate what she should have in life. In her travels, she explored pleasure by eating in Italy (hello cheeeeese!!!!!!!!); discovered intentional prayer in Indonesia; and, finally, found inner-peace and true love in Bali. I’m profoundly envious of Gilbert’s passport. Talk about the trip of a lifetime. Wow.

FYI: This is not only a wonderfully written book, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie too. Julia Roberts as Gilbert was exceptional.

My favorite book turned into a movie is …

The Help. The book is beautifully written even though the story depicts a darker time in our country’s history. I read the book a year before the movie was released. I went to its premiere then saw it three more times in a week!!! After watching the movie, I read the book again. The characters “came alive” for me in the movie and the multitude of awards and accolades received by the actresses, in my opinion, were well-deserved. I’m a super-fan of Skeeter and Minny. Would anybody like some chocolate pie?!?!?! =)

My favorite magazines are …

Kentucky Monthly  and  Garden & Gun

Real Simple and Country Living

Every month, my heart sings the “Hallelujah Chorus” when a new issues of Kentucky Monthly arrives. I savor every word and picture. When nobody’s looking, I sniff the pages …. I swear the smell of that beloved Bluegrass is in the ink. I am also paying homage to my Southern roots with Garden & Gun. My aunt Kathy introduced me (she IS a steel magnolia!!!!) and I’m pretty sure she’s buying me a subscription for my birthday. This magazine is beautiful and perfect for men and women. The stories are great, the photos are beautiful, and if you love the South you’ll appreciate this jewel.

I would link-up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Make-Up but I’m currently in Haiti without Internet, running water, electricity, and flushing bathroom facilities. I wrote this post last Sunday night while watching the football game. Kinda freaky huh?! Say a little prayer for us … Lord knows the team and I need all the support from home we can get. =)

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  1. Celeste Zachry October 14, 2012 at 8:44 am - Reply

    I miss my dear friends and have been praying for you, daily…more than daily. Smooches from home, blessings to Haiti!

  2. Taylor @ Goings on in Texas October 14, 2012 at 2:47 pm - Reply

    I linked you up! 🙂 And I have Eat Pray Love sitting in my pile to be read. I haven’t seen the movie because I want to read the book. However, I am usually disappointed by movie renditions. I did enjoy the Help both book and movie, but more the book…I think I create the characters in my head and then get disappointed when they don’t turn out how I have captured them in my head…but I will say, Skeeter rocked…love Emma Stone as her!

    Continued prayers for your mission trip in Haiti!

  3. lovelylici1986 October 15, 2012 at 10:50 am - Reply

    I really enjoyed Eat Pray Love. I looove Julia Roberts. 🙂 Anything she’s in, I’m watching! I wasn’t crazy about that movie though. I enjoyed it enough to keep watching, but wouldn’t be able to watch it again. I couldn’t get Babe to even watch it once. Lol.

    The Help WAS good. I didn’t read the book though. The movie came out before I got around to it. I know the book will be better, but I need to forget the movie a bit more before I read it.

    I really like Memoirs of a Geisha as a movie. I struggled through the book (I think the description was excessive and skipped through a lot), but the movie was… Wow.

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