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When I’m not home being Husband’s Wife or at school substitute teaching, I’m heavily involved at my church. In addition to attending the weekly worship service on Sundays and Wednesday night Bible study, I coordinate a book club (small group ministry), assist with outreach events (including mission trip leadership), and I’m also the editor of the monthly newsletter. Doing these effectively would be impossible without one major component:


Last week, I spent several hours in multiple conversations regarding the communication (including marketing and public relations) efforts at First United Methodist Church in Joshua, Texas … it’s an exciting time and I’m glad to be a part of the team!

All this talk got me thinking about Three 31 and how I engage with blog readers.
I’m thankful to every person who reads this blog and I sincerely hope that readership continues to increase, as well as the number of comments posted. I make it a priority to reply to every comment that’s posted because it’s important for me to acknowledge your thoughts. I really appreciate the time you spend on this page.

In the spirit of encouraging you to CONNECT with me, I’ve compiled a myriad of ways you can do so right here with social media:

  • Subscribe via email to this blog, Three 31
  • *Friend* me on Facebook
  • *Follow* me on Twitter
  • *Follow* my boards on Pinterest

I encourage all of my blog readers to *SUBSCRIBE* via email to Three 31. This way, every time a new post is published, it’s immediately sent to your inbox.

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Now that Facebook is a publicly-traded company, I’m anxious to see the changes (if any) made to the social media giant. Join me on Facebook.

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I’m a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict but I really enjoy this collection of pin boards. If you are on Pinterest, please FOLLOW me. If you would like to join the madness, send me an email and I’ll help you get access!

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Are you a Tweeter? Me too! Join me on Twitter (@nmhutch). By the way, I get extremely giddy when somebody re-tweets or replies something I’ve posted. I know, my ability to be entertained is easy and pathetic.

Happy Weekend to ya!

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  1. Lisa May 20, 2012 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    I already follow you on all of those sites, so I’m just commenting to let you know I’m reading…since I’m usually reading on my phone, and almost never leave a comment. =)

    • Nicole May 20, 2012 at 8:04 pm - Reply

      Yea, Lisa!!!! Thanks for the comment and especially the support of Three 31. You’re awesome (but you already knew that). 🙂

      Big hug,

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