Okay, so I’m late (AGAIN!) with Kamden’s monthly update post but I have a really good reason this time: I’ve been in the fetal position crying my eyes out as this is the last update before Kamden turns one. People, he’s almost ONE YEAR old! What happened to my itsy-bitsy bundle of orange jaundice baby I brought home from the hospital?! (Wahhhhhhhh.)

GROWING // Kamden, my boy, you are growing each and every day. You’re getting taller and leaner, which means those chubby cheeks you used to have are disappearing. You are well over 30 inches long and will most likely be a tall guy when you’re older.

I’m sorry, but you look 12 in this picture. That breaks this mother’s heart.


EATING // Okay, Mister Picky, what’s up with your eating habits lately? You have been leaving some breast milk in the bottle after a feeding and you are still not 100% sure about the solid foods we’ve been giving you. However, if it starts with BA and ends with NANA, you’re on that like white on rice. Boy, you love some banana! I can sneak a few bites of carrot, sweet potato, avocado, mango, and green beans to you *IF* there are bites of banana in between. And you still hate the spoon so we’re still hand-feeding you. Except for the Puffs, you pick those up. In the grand scheme of things, Happy Puffs aren’t *THAT* bad and it’s not like you’re eating a million a day either. Besides, they are free of wheat (gluten), soy, and corn, and have more protein and fiber, and lots of good vitamins and minerals than other brands. We have all six flavors readily available for you to consume – greens (spinach and kale), apple, banana, sweet potato, strawberry, and purple carrot and blueberry – and you seem to enjoy them, which makes Mommy and Daddy happy. Added bonus: you’re mastering gross motor skills by picking up small pieces and feeding yourself. Now, about that spoon …


SLEEPING // All right, three days ago I might have been singing a different tune, but you blessed Mommy and Daddy by sleeping nine consecutive hours last night and I am beyond grateful. It’s amazing what a clear, rested mind will do for one’s well-being. Thank you, my child, thank you. It’s obvious you love your shut-eye but we got a bit off your usual routine a couple of weeks ago, not sure how we did it but we did and we’re slowly trying to get you back on track. Ideally, you sleep 10-12 (consecutive) hours at night plus one or two naps (at least an hour each) during the day.

PLAYING + CRAWLING // Mommy and Daddy’s master bedroom has become your preferred play area. To prevent you from banging your head on the tile or hardwood floors in the living room and kitchen, our bedroom has carpet and that makes us less concerned about your safety. You love the extra space to play and crawl and you use the furniture to pull yourself up and stand. You also love standing by the windows and hitting the door stops. You make the sweetest, most hilarious giggle at the vibrating noise of the door stops!

WEARING // You’re still wearing 2T and 3T clothes, but I recently went through your closet again and found an outfit (size 18-24 months) that fits. The particular brand is known to run much larger than average so I’m glad I decided to keep it during my last closet-purge session. Even with a bulky diaper and chubby belly, your waist and legs are smaller in size than your upper-body, particularly your chest and shoulders. All of the shirts you wear are at least 2T but most are 3T. Your pants are 24-month or 2T.


LOVING // Classes at The Little Gym; splashing in the bath tub; eating bananas and Puffs; playing with Daddy; reading and cuddles with Mommy; and sleeping.

LOATHING // Diaper changes; being told “no” or have something taken away; eating with a spoon; being still so Mommy can apply lotion after a bath

END OF YEAR BUCKET LIST // We better get a jump on our to-do list here:

  • Go to a high school football game.
  • Decorate a pumpkin.
  • Go trick or treating (trunk or treat).
  • Take pictures in pumpkin patch.
  • Donate to the food bank.
  • Wear a Halloween costume.
  • Pick apples at an orchard. Bake an apple pie.
  • Invite friends over for chili and football.
  • Visit the State Fair of Texas.
  • Go to a fall festival and/or craft fair.
  • Eat Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Watch a Christmas parade.
  • Have a family portrait session.
  • Mail Christmas cards.
  • Write a letter to Santa Clause.
  • Adopt a child from the Angel Tree and buy Christmas gifts for them.
  • Drive through a neighborhood and look at Christmas lights.
  • Read Christmas and Advent stories or books.
  • Deliver homemade cookies to friends and neighbors.
  • Sing Christmas carols.
  • Take pictures with Santa.