Kamden, my precious boy, you are 10 months old!

Mommy is so far behind on taking your pictures and writing this monthly update blog post. I’m so sorry. Despite life’s happenings and distractions, Daddy and I are selfishly enjoying and savoring every moment we get to spend with you, watching you grow and develop into our Triple M, or Mini Man Child. You’re becoming more mobile each day and your toothless smiles and glee-filled outbursts are incredibly addicting. Speaking of toothless smiles, you didn’t smile much last weekend and you still aren’t your usual bubbly, jovial self. In fact, Daddy called you a sack of taters because you were only content being held or laying next to Daddy or I on the couch or in our king-size bed. You woke up Saturday morning with a low-grade fever – your first ever. You refused bottles of Mommy’s milk and simply wanted to be held. Since you had no other symptoms, we can only assume the fever and lethargy were from teething. However, sweet child of mine, you still don’t have a single tooth in your head! The very faint, small white lines on your bottom gum is the same as it was three months ago … still no teeth poking through. I hate that you felt so terrible this past weekend, but I sure enjoyed our cuddling sessions. When you became restless or moaned, you’d reach for Mommy’s hand and held my pinkie finger or you’d turn and face me, keeping your hand on my chest or arm while you slept. I soaked up these moments like they were manna from heaven.

Fast forward to Monday, as if the fever wasn’t enough to ruffle your feathers, you’re getting your first cold. You woke up Monday morning congested and coughing. I called Doctor J’s office and Nurse Donna promptly returned my message. (We love Nurse Donna, she’s an angel is pink scrubs.) With her blessing and specific instructions, I’m rubbing Vicks on your feet several times a day and giving you an infant’s dose of Children’s Mucinex to help your cough. Mommy is also rubbing Thieves essential oil on your feet as well as diffusing it in the cool mist humidifier to help you kick this crud in the butt. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery, Mommy loves the extra cuddles but your cough and red eyes are breaking her heart!

GROWING // You went to the doctor’s office last week for a check-up and flu shot. The flu vaccine was unavailable so you left Doctor J’s office in good spirits. Mommy’s scale at home must be off because you officially weighed 22.5 pounds and were 29.5 inches tall. You are in the 85th percentile for weight and height. It’s hard to imagine you’re almost one foot longer (taller) than he day you were born!

EATING // You are finally – FINALLY!!!! – getting more accustomed to eating solids. You are by no means eating full meals, but you seem to enjoy the taste of food purees more. Daddy and I offer you some type of solid every evening, as well as water, and most of the time you accept both. You really love fresh bananas and pureed avocado, as well as sweet potatoes and applesauce seasoned with cinnamon. You are not, however, a fan of rough textures. Daddy and I gave you a peach-flavored fruit puff and you promptly spit it back out. Yuck! Last week, on a day you were feeling extra hungry and readily accepting solids, you ate one half of a small avocado all by yourself. (By the way, Mommy happily stepped aside so Daddy could change THAT dirty diaper!!!!) In the evening, after Mommy and Daddy have eaten supper and you’ve played a while, you sit in the high chair and we feed you small pieces of banana. You used to eat from Mommy’s finger, but now you’ll open your mouth wide for the spoon. Daddy got clever and put your bite on the actual banana and let you take a bite from it – that works well too!

SLEEPING // You are still an excellent sleeper and Mommy is so appreciative and thankful. Our nighttime routine has adjusted since changing your bottle’s nipple. Up until a few weeks ago, you were still drinking Mommy’s milk from a Level 1 (newborn – three months) bottle nipple. Daddy sensed you were getting frustrated by meal times taking so long and suggested we get a nipple with a larger hole. I bought Level Two (three – six months) and it has worked extremely well. Your bedtime feeding used to take 20-25 minutes and now it’s less than 15. I feed you, lay you down in your crib, and you roll on your stomach. You are definitely a mover and a shaker during the night though. Sometimes you wake Mommy up with your sleeping sounds (moans, groans, farts, grunts, heavy sighs, etc.) and occasionally you will open your eyes, stand up, then lay back down and go to sleep like nothing ever happened! Daddy gets concerned when you move to the end of the bed out of the camera’s viewpoint. Most of the time, we can see your leg or arm and hear you breathing. Within an hour, you move to another position and we can see you fine. My favorite position is when you’re asleep with your butt straight in the air!

PLAYING + CRAWLING // You are definitely Daddy’s buddy during play time! You boys will go in one of the bedrooms and play for the longest time. You are intrigued when Daddy builds block towers, pushes cars and make “vroom” sounds, and you love pushing buttons on the TV remote and squishing a tube of lotion or plastic water bottle. You’ve gotten very brave lately, taking steps with your sit-n-stand walker toy then falling head first into a large blanket or pillow. You think it’s the funniest thing. Unfortunately, playing and being brave led to your first injury: a bump on your forehead. You didn’t bruise or lose any blood, but you cried and it broke Mommy’s heart to see you so sad. It was a hard lesson learned for us both: Mommy’s hand is not big enough to protect your face AND head from the corner of the table!

WEARING // You’re still wearing 2T and 3T clothes, even some 4T shirts, and you recently started wearing size 4 Pampers Swaddlers. You are also the proud owner of your very first pair of shoes … but you don’t like wearing them At all! When the weather is nice and cool, Mommy puts your shoes on you and we go outside. You especially love to get in your Joovy walker and ‘explore’ the front porch!


LOVING // Playing with Mommy and Daddy, eating bananas, sitting in the stroller while Mommy walks at the city park, splashing in the bath tub, crawling, and walking with assistance.

LOATHING // Teething, being told no, being pulled away from things or places that could be dangerous, and wearing shoes. (You’re like your mother and prefer to be barefoot.)

STATE FAIR OF TEXAS // When Nana C and Aunt Kathy were visiting, we all went to Dallas to the State Fair of Texas. It was also the first time you sat in the stroller without your car seat. You absolutely LOVED being able to stretch your legs and see everything in front of you! We rode an open-air bus around the entire fairgrounds and then walked to the places and exhibits we wanted to see up close. The weather was absolutely perfect and the fair wasn’t crowded at all, making your first visit to the State Fair a huge success. Mommy thoroughly enjoyed several Fletcher’s corn dogs with ketchup and mustard. Nana C and Aunt Kathy were more adventurous and tried some of the fried concoctions. You were content with Mommy’s milk – HA!




FALL BUCKET LIST // We better get a jump on our to-do list here:

  • Go to a high school football game.
  • Decorate a pumpkin.
  • Go trick or treating (trunk or treat).
  • Take pictures in pumpkin patch.
  • Donate to the food bank.
  • Wear a Halloween costume.
  • Pick apples at an orchard.
  • Invite friends over for chili and football.
  • Bake an apple pie.
  • Go on a hayride.
  • Visit the State Fair of Texas.
  • Go to a fall festival and/or craft fair.
  • Eat Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Picnic / Movie in the park.
  • Go to the Perot Museum.
  • Go to the Grapevine Aquarium.
  • Go to the zoo.
  • Make hand print turkeys.
  • Have a family portrait session.